Rodes Professorship Award

The Rodes Professorship is an honor conferred upon a Kettering faculty member in recognition of scholarly achievement. It provides an opportunity for the continued development of the individual and carries with it a responsibility for sharing significant accomplishments. The Professorship is awarded every year and the title is conferred for a period of two years.

The Rodes Professorship recognizes the following distinguished attributes:

  1. A breadth and depth of knowledge,

  2. An excitement of inquiry,

  3. A commitment to diligence,

  4. The courage to innovate,

  5. Leadership in developing and applying an area of knowledge,

  6. A simplicity of expression that comes from full understanding,

  7. A contribution respected in the larger community, and

  8. The perspective to place personal accomplishment in the larger context of human values.

All members of the faculty are eligible to apply. A call for completed forms is e-mailed annually.

The Selection Committee consists of the members of the Research Council Steering Committee.

The recipient shall disseminate the research in peer-reviewed journals and conferences along with seminars within Kettering University, at other universities and industrial groups. Also, the recipient should submit a Final Report to the Research Council Steering Committee for the work done. Just after the appointment, and again at the completion of the project, the Rodes Professor may prepare an article for the University Magazine, The Kettering Perspective, which may be considered by its editor in a future issue.

The Rodes Professorship provides a fund for use by the recipient in supporting personal scholarship and sharing it with the industrial and academic communities. The amount of the award is $5,000 and the funds may be used for equipment, tuition, travel (primarily for disseminating the results of the research), living expenses, and any other items that support research and its dissemination, and must be spent within the two academic years immediately following the appointment of the professorship.