CAPP Instructions for Students

  1. Log into Banner Web/Self Service (User ID and PIN are the same as Blackboard and E-mail login)
  2. Select Student
  3. Select Student Records
  4. Select Degree Evaluation
  5. Select current term (default) from drop down box and submit

You should now see your curriculum information displayed (i.e. BS Mechanical Engineering - Do not click on this link).  If the program information is incorrect, contact the Registrar’s Office. If it is correct, proceed to the next step.

There will be three options (links) at the bottom of the page (“Generate New Evaluation” is the option to use for advisement purposes and to generate an evaluation of your academic record toward your current major.)

    • “Generate New Evaluation” (If “No current curriculum information found” message appears, select the “Current Enrollment” link at bottom of page, then “Generate New Evaluation” and continue)
    • Click on the “Program” button to the left of your listed major
    • Leave the “Term” dropdown box to the default which is “End of Time”
    • Click on “Generate Request” (This may take several seconds to process)
    • Once Generated, you will see a "Degree Evaluation Report".
    • At the bottom of the Degree Evaluation Report page, click on "Previous Evaluations".
    • Click on the most recent evaluation - which should be the one you just generated.
    • Select desired display option (see below) and “submit:”
    • “Detail Requirements” is the option to use for advisement and most other purposes
    • “General Requirements” displays only the courses you have taken or are registered in
    • “Additional Information” displays co-op registrations, in-progress courses and courses that are not applying to your program (i.e. courses that were failed, audited, or withdrawn)

Note: Once compliance evaluation is generated, be sure to change your text size to “smaller” so the CAPP evaluation will print properly – just click on “View,” “Text Size,” and “Smaller”

    • “View Previous Evaluations” displays any evaluations in the database
    • “What-If Analysis” evaluates a different major, concentration, or minor
      • Select the current term, continue
      • Select a program, continue
      • Select first major, submit to perform evaluation
      • Select “Add More” to add on concentrations or minors, submit (AM, IE, ME and BUS all require a concentration for accurate evaluation)
      • Select evaluation (current) term, generate request
      • Select desired display option, submit
      • Compliance (evaluation) generated 

Questions regarding CAPP?  email or contact the Registrar's Office, (810) 762-7476. 

Key Contacts

  • Main Office
    (810) 762-7476
  • Grades
    (810) 762-9587
  • Graduation
    (810) 762-7852 (Master)
    (810) 762-9587 (Bachelor)
  • Guest & AP Credits
    (810) 762-9912
  • Registration
    (810) 762-7476
  • Transfer Students
    (810) 762-9912
  • Transcripts
    (810) 762-7476
  • Veterans and GI Bill
    (810) 762-9912