Parking Permit Registration Instructions

Parking permits for 2015-16 are now available for renewal. All students, faculty, and staff must register their vehicles via the online system. Register your vehicle[s] now by following these simple instructions:

Complete the registration form. You may register as many vehicles as you wish. You must, however, complete a separate registration for each one. Complete your first registration and then return to the "Permits" prompt. Select "Order a new parking permit" and follow the prompts. On the "Vehicles" page, un-click the vehicle(s) already registered and complete the new registration. Do this for each permit you wish to obtain.

Students may purchase “Student Paid Parking” permits, at a cost of $50.00 for the 2015-16 academic year. These permits entitle students to park in Lot #2. These permits may be ordered through the online registration system, paid for in Student Accounts, and obtained from the Campus Safety office located on the second floor (street level) of the Campus Center.

Employee permits will be sent through inter-office mail. Student parking permits will be held in the Campus Safety service center, located on the second floor (street level) of the Campus Center. You may pick up permits 24 hours after registering your vehicle. Be prepared to show your student ID and vehicle registration when you pick up your permit. Once you obtain your parking permit, you must physically affix it to the left side corner of the driver’s windshield. Motorcycle owners should carry their permits with them when parking their vehicles on campus.

On Wednesday, July 1, 2015 all vehicles parked on campus must display a 2015-16 parking permit. As of that date, 2014-15 permits will no longer be valid and violators will be ticketed. On the third offense, vehicles will be towed without notice. Prevent this from happening to you! Sign up for our new parking permit now.

If you have questions, please contact Kelly Lehnst at 810-762-9790 or and she will assist you.