Crime Prevention Memo

Students, who typically own a lot of electronic equipment (laptops, tv's, and gaming systems), may unwittingly become targets of these crimes. We work hard to protect our students and their possessions; however, we need your help to make our community as safe as possible. Students who reside off-campus need to be particularly mindful about safety, especially if they plan to be away from their rental units. We ask that you take a few minutes to review our safety precautions and follow our recommendations. Working together, we can improve safety and security for all members of the Kettering community.

Safety Tips:

  •     Stay Alert! Trust your instincts! These are the most significant things you can do to protect yourself.
  •     Park Smart: Park as close to a light as possible. Always lock your car after you have hidden or camouflaged personal belongings.  
  •     Use Locks! Always lock your car, your room in Thompson Hall, or your rental unit. 

Important Contact Information: Add Campus Safety’s number to your cell phone contact list now so you may call them anytime: 810-762-9501. You may contact Campus Safety 24/7; 365 days a year. 

Travel after Dark: We discourage everyone from walking alone after dark. Travel in pairs whenever possible. Walk and park in well-lit areas and remain alert to your surroundings. Install a flashlight app on your cell phone and use it to illuminate your way. Also, consider using the University’s escort/shuttle service if you must travel alone after dark (see below.)

Safety Escorts: Campus Safety will escort you from anywhere on campus to any location within a one-mile radius of the University. Call the Service Center and request an officer meet you at your current location. Or, stop by the Service Center and request an escort. An officer will walk or drive you to your destination on campus or within a one-mile radius.

Personal Safety: If you feel threatened or observe suspicious activity, call Campus Safety immediately. Contact the Service Center by calling 810-762-9501. Also, all parking lots feature blue-light emergency call boxes that connect immediately with Campus Safety.

Kettering Alert: If you have not already done so, sign up for Kettering Alert, our cell phone and email emergency notification system. Kettering Alert allows us to communicate with you on a moment’s notice should “imminent danger” threaten your safety. We use Kettering Alert only in cases where Campus Safety or local law enforcement recommends you take pre-emptive action to protect yourself against things like criminal activity, fire, hazardous spills, and extreme weather conditions. This time of year, we utilize Kettering Alerts to alert the community to campus closure due to excessive snow. 

To sign up for Kettering Alert, log in to Banner Self Service, click on “Personal Information” and “Kettering Alert.” Follow the prompts to sign up or change your contact information.  

If you wish to discontinue receiving Kettering Alert cell phone messages during work section, you must opt out of the system. Be sure to re-enroll when you return to campus.

Emergency Contact Information:  While in Banner Self Service, take a moment to verify or update emergency contact information. The University uses this information only in cases where you cannot speak for yourself and does not share it with anyone except official emergency responders, such as the Flint Police or medical personnel. 

ID Card Access: Carry your ID card with you at all times so you have access to buildings when you need it. All campus buildings are locked 24/7 except the front doors of the Campus Center and the Recreation Center. 

Off-campus Housing: All Kettering students who live off campus should insist their property owners install and maintain security devices, including an alarm system, outside lights over all potential entry points, tamper-proof locks on all doors and windows, and peepholes in exterior doors. Never open your door until you know who's on the other side. If your entry door does not have a peephole or other device to see who is on the other side, insist that your landlord install one immediately. Shrubs and bushes should be trimmed and maintained so as not to provide cover. Contact the property owner of your rental unit and insist s/he provide these safety features. Also, signs advertising rental units should be removed. They not only advertise where students live, which attracts criminals; the signs also violate City of Flint building codes. 

We want to know about landlords in the area who do not provide safe housing for our students living off-campus. If you have safety issues with your rental property that your landlord refuses to address, please report them and the nature of their refusal to Vice President Betsy Homsher in the Office of Student Life.

What to Do in Case of an Emergency: Call 911 from your phone or a campus phone. Calls to 911 from your phone will route you to Flint’s central dispatch office. Calls to 911 from campus telephones are routed to the Campus Safety desk. The Campus Safety desk officer will contact the Flint Police Department or other emergency responders as circumstances warrant. 

File a Report on any Incidents that Occur: Please report all on- and off-campus personal or property incidents through our Campus Safety Incident Report System. We follow up on all incidents directly with all individuals making a report and, when appropriate, with local authorities. Reporting all security related incidents is important because these reports make it possible for us to track as well as anticipate criminal activity. They also help us to connect affected individuals to campus resources that may be of assistance to them, such as the Wellness Center.