ID Card Policy / Card Access

You are issued a Kettering ID Card upon your arrival at Kettering University. The Kettering University identification card (ID Card) identifies you as a current member of the Kettering community. Depending on your relationship to the University and the services that you sign up for, your ID card can also be used as an electronic door key and to access a variety of functions and facilities on campus, including athletic events, dining, fitness/activity centers, libraries, transportation services, and vending machines.

The ID card is the property of the University, must be carried at all times while on campus, and is non-transferable. It may be used for such purposes as the University designates and may be revoked at any time. This card must be presented and/or surrendered upon demand by a university official. Failure to do so, or lending this card to anyone, is considered misuse and may subject the holder to disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct.

Lost and stolen cards must be reported promptly to the Office of Campus Safety. There is a $10 replacement fee for lost, stolen, or damaged student ID cards. The fee can be paid by cash, check, or charged to the student's account. Cards that are broken or non-functioning will be replaced at no charge.

The Card Access Office is located inside the Campus Safety Service Center on the main floor of the Campus Center. No person shall possess more than one Kettering University identification card. All cards, not previously replaced, that have been turned in to the Office of Campus Safety are kept on file for one complete academic term to enable the person to claim the lost identification card. If the person has already replaced his/her identification card when the original one is turned in, the found identification card is destroyed. This action is noted on the card report/replacement form that was filled out when the card was lost.

Students are responsible for charges incurred by use of this card (up to $50.00, if reported lost or stolen). This card is void upon termination or interruption of enrollment and/or employment.

If you have any questions regarding Card Access, email or call the card access desk at ext. 5592.