Receiving Procedures

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our processes, we would like to share information on how we are now verifying that items ordered with a Kettering Purchase Order have been received in acceptable condition so that payment of related invoices can be made in a timely manner. This will help us be more certain that we are receiving the correct items, that they are received in acceptable condition, and that invoices are paid in a credit worthy manner.

Deliveries made to Shipping & Receiving will be taken to the individual and/or department noted on the address label of the package. The individual or department will then verify that the item(s) is correct and received in acceptable condition. This being true, he / she will then work with the appropriate person in the department to authorize payment of the related invoice in one of the following two ways:

a. If the invoice is sent to the Accounting Office, the Accounts Payable staff will scan the invoice and email it to the requesting individual or department listed on the original Kettering Purchase Order. Assuming the item(s) is correct and has been received in acceptable condition, the individual or department will be asked to approve payment of the invoice within 5 business days by simply replying affirmatively to the email message. If the item(s) has not yet been received or if there is any problem or discrepancy, this should be noted in the email reply to Accounts Payable.

b. If the invoice is sent directly to an individual or department whether by mail or electronically, please forward it to Accounts Payable with your authorization for payment, again assuming the item(s) is correct and has been received in acceptable condition. Any problems or discrepancies should be reported to Accounts Payable.

Please also remember that use of departmental purchasing cards can greatly simplify the purchasing process. For example, supply items with a cost of under $1,000 can be conveniently charged directly to a Kettering Purchasing Card eliminating the process outlined above. For more information on the Kettering University Purchasing Cards, please view information about the Purchasing Card Program.