Funds or Materials Request

The Funds or Materials Request (KU-4) may be used to request funds or materials from the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cashier Services/Student Accounts, Bookstore, Purchasing or Supply departments. Forms are available on the Kettering Web site under Business Office - Forms (view the PDF).

The following provides general information to assist you in completing the form (typed only). It may be helpful to have this numbered sample with you when you review the following instructions.

You need Adobe Reader to view, fill in or print the form. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download it (free!) at

  1. Suggested Supplier / Payee:
    Provide as much information regarding the supplier/payee, i.e.;
    complete name and Banner ID or social security number if requesting a check to be issued to an individual; or
    complete name, address, telephone and/or fax numbers (include area code) and contact name (e-mail address when known) if issued to a vendor
  2. Deliver To:
    Indicate the person's name and room number where the funds or materials should be delivered within the University
  3. Origination Date: Date the form is typed
  4. Date Needed:
    • For Bookstore/Check/Petty Cash/Supply 
      Requests are filled within a reasonable amount of lead time
      Checks are drawn each Friday - cutoff date is the prior Tuesday
    • For Purchase Orders, consider the following:
      Vendor location - if a rush order, specify preferred shipping method
      Stock availability
      Does Kettering have an account with the vendor?
      New vendors may require a credit check or prepayment, which may delay processing 3-5 days
  5. Bookstore / Check / Petty Cash / Purchase Order (P.O.) / Supply:
    Check the appropriate box for your request
    For Check/Purchase Order, designate "Mail" or "Hold" - those marked "Mail" or not specified are mailed directly to the supplier/payee
  6. Quantity:
    Be specific on the quantity of materials ordered, i.e.;
    box or carton, for example, should specify how many items per container
  7. I.D. No.:
    Identification or catalog number of the material being ordered, if available
  8. Description & Estimated Cost:  (see Purchasing Guidelines)
    • Description of materials, including color, size and price
    • Whenever possible, include quote, order, reference number or contact person's name
    • If contracting for services, specify the service provided, date(s) the service is performed, rate or fee for the service, social security number or taxpayer identification number of supplier/payee, and contact person within the University
    • Federal guidelines require that payment for services rendered or rentals be made directly to the individual or company providing the services/rentals
    • When requesting payment, include total amount
    • When requesting payment for an invoice, attach the original invoice
    • When requesting reimbursement for expenditures, attach original itemized receipts and/or prepaid invoices (order "confirmations" of online purchases are not valid receipts - online order receipts must indicate shipment and payment of the order)
    • When requesting prepayment for a conference or seminar, attach original documentation listing the name, date, location and all fees associated with the event
    • When purchasing item from bookstore, state business purpose (i.e.; office supplies, recipient if known for gifts or prizes)
    • When request involves a Kettering gift, prize or award then the accompanying Kettering Gifts, Prizes or Awards Recipient Information Form must include the following information:
      - Recipient’s full name, telephone number and Banner ID (social security number if no ID)
      - Recipient’s signature
      - Issuing department contact information
  9. Index and Account Code: 
    Index number and expense account code which funds or materials are to be charged
    See list of valid expense account codes
  10. Contact Person: Originator of the form and contact information
  11. Received by: 
    For Bookstore/Petty Cash/Supply requests, this is signed upon receipt of funds or materials
  12. Filled by:
    For Bookstore/Supply Stores Personnel use only
  13. Approved by and Check box:
    Checked box indicates verification of available funds against the index number and expense account code
    Original authorized signatures for index(es) used
    Typed name (below your handwritten signature - especially if signature is not legible)
    For questions regarding who can sign, see your department secretary or contact us at xt.9790
Contact the specific department above if you need additional information regarding this form.