Proper Use of Kettering Resources

The Business Office receives numerous requests to clarify the proper use of Kettering resources. This list is a general guideline to assist you in managing Kettering University resources in a responsible manner. When you use the school's resources you need to:

  • Find the best price on goods and services - shop around and bid anything over $10,000
  • Have travel expenses that are reasonable, not excessive or elaborate
  • Avoid alcohol reimbursement requests - these are disallowed expenditures
  • Avoid membership fees to discount stores and warehouses requests - these are disallowed expenditures
  • Refrain from purchasing flowers, gifts, cards, or other miscellaneous items for employees who may be sick or celebrating special occasions such as a birthday, the birth of a child, etc. with University funds; these items are personal in nature and will not be reimbursed - perhaps a departmental collection is appropriate *
  • Reimburse Kettering for personal portion of any expenses you may have that were paid for by the University
  • Obtain prior approval from your vice president for purchases which may be extraordinary (you still need the proper paperwork)
  • Bring any cash or checks payable to Kettering University to the Student Accounts area (located at 2-312 CC, between the Welcome Center and Campus Safety) for deposit in a timely manner
  • Monitor events for which you initiate room reservations to insure proper treatment of Kettering facilities
  • Treat Kettering property with respect, as you would your own
  • Limit personal Internet, computer usage and phone time to lunch and break times
  • Channel all requests for printing (brochures, catalogues, posters, flyers, teasers, etc.) through Campus Printing Services. They will work with you and review your request to recommend the best source for your printing needs.

* Kettering's HR department sends sympathy arrangements/donations on behalf of the entire University