Authorized Approvals

There should be an Authorized Approval form on file for every department and most indexes. As new indexes are created, a blank form is sent to the originating department for completion. When completed, the form is returned to Administration and Finance for processing.

The form specifies who is authorized to sign for a variety of functions performed during the course of a normal work day, and includes the name of the person responsible for the index. If the person responsible for the index plans to be away from the office for a specific time frame, he/she should forward an email/memo to in Administration and Finance stating who is authorized to sign during the absence indicating the dates of authorization.  When changes to the form are required, mark and have the person responsible sign and date the current form, and forward it to Kelly in Administration and Finance for processing.

Notices of updates are forwarded on a monthly basis to the Accounts Payable, Bookstore, Cashier's Office, Payroll, Printing Services, Purchasing, Shipping, Student Accounts, Supply, and originating departments. The updated forms are available for viewing or printing on Blackboard at MY FILES - Institution Content - Business Office - Authorized Approvals.

You will need your LDAP ID and password to access Blackboard. This is the same ID and password used to access Banner WEB for Employee Self-Service, the Benefits Open Enrollment process, and e-mail. Any questions with access, please contact the helpdesk at ext. 8324 or Any questions with your Authorized Approval form, please contact Administration and Finance at ext. 9790.

If a person can sign for only one form in a section, you specify that by placing the same mark next to both their name and the form (and you would re-specify their name if needed in the following section).

For questions regarding who can sign for a specific index, see your department secretary or contact us at ext. 9790.