Room Scheduling / Event Setup


Please note that it is expected that the rooms you use will be left in a clean and orderly condition at the close of your function:

  • that you clean off all white boards;
  • that you check and clean tables, chairs, and carpets of any spills or marks; and
  • that you place all food delivery boxes in trash containers and securely tie the bagged trash closed at the end of any meetings where food is present (leave the bagged trash by the trash containers).

Our custodial staff's shifts end between 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. (except for the residence hall staff) and unless you've made arrangements to have a setup crew follow your meeting(s), others may be using the same room(s) directly following you. 


Students are able to view available rooms/spaces on campus by logging into Meeting Room Manager (MRM) from a Kettering computer, using the student's Kettering domain password.  

Recognized student organizations may schedule rooms for meetings and special events to take place during the current section only by scheduling through Student Life or through their advisor.

Rooms cannot be scheduled for individual student.

Organization meetings do not require supervision. Dances, parties and other group activities require special arrangements for supervision. If an event needs supervision, contact Student Life 810.762.9871 for scheduling supervision.

Follow these steps to reserve a room/space on campus:

  • All areas on campus, including exterior locations, need to be reserved for group events (Example:  Great Court, Beach, Pool Area, Bell Tower Area, Parking Lots, etc.).
  • Make a request at the Student Life office or with your group's advisor. A confirmation will be emailed to you from the MRM system.

  • If furniture or stage set-up is necessary, please submit the set-up request with your room/area reservation to be entered on the MRM system via the Room Setup tab.

  • Any tapings or postings on walls, display cases or other areas on campus must be removed after the event. Use only "painter's tape" when taping items.

  • If your event has been cancelled or the scheduled room is not needed, please contact Room/Event Scheduling (ext. 9750/9751) to cancel the reservation in order to allow others the opportunity to use the room.

Please Note:

  • Custodial Fees may apply.
  • Charges will be assessed for any damages done to University property.
  • Use of kitchen and/or equipment is prohibited.
  • Candle burning is prohibited.
  • Use of confetti, glitter, or sand is not allowed.
  • Please do not re-arrange the furniture without permission. Call ext. 9750/9751.

Faculty & Staff 

  • Log onto Meeting Room Manager with your Kettering domain password on a Kettering computer.  

  • Click on the meeting date within the calendar, and select the building, then level and room from within "Available Locations." Fill in the information for room reservation. Schedule for the event time only. For prep time and clean up, use the "Prep Time" and "Cleanup time" fields showing the amount of time needed in minutes.

  • Remove the default (KETTERING/userid) and enter your Kettering email on the Booked By field - this will generate the confirmations to you through the MRM system.
  • Enter special requests for set up by clicking on the "Room Setup" tab. This includes extra tables, chairs, trash containers & coat racks. Entering setup information at the time you reserve your room enables us to hold the appropriate amount of setup time in advance of your event. Please email any setup instructions not already included within your original MRM reservation request (ex, floor plans, revisions) to at least a week in advance of your event so that we can coordinate with our setup crews.

  • Should you need parking directional signs for your event, please contact Campus Safety at ext. 9501.

  • Should you need exterior doors to remain unlocked during any portion of your event, please email your request to Door Access.

  • Should you require food service, please contact the Catering Supervisor at (810)762-9860 or

Please direct questions to Room/Event Scheduling, ext. 9750/9751. Please direct room setup questions to ext. 7806.

Non-Kettering Organizations

Please forward all pertinent (who/how many, what, where, when, why) information to Kettering University, Auxiliary Services, 5-700CC, 1700 University Avenue, Flint MI 48504.

Room Rates

Room Name



Each Classroom in AB

varies per room  
$80.00 - $100.00
1815-AB 44$300.00
1817-AB107 $350.00
McKinnon Theatre-AB384 fixed seating $1,000.00
International Room-CC700 theater style/ 
560 banquet style
5200-CC (Internet Hookup) (40' x 30')40$350.00
5300-CC(25' x 10')10$300.00
Room A-CC (40' x 40')
Heritage North-CC (26' x 25')40$350.00
Heritage South-CC (26' x 26')40$350.00
Gold Room-CC (39' x 32')

**6-ft. Tables-29 3/4 x 72 3/4**
**Portable Stage (4) 6 x 8** Outside organizations will be charged $100 for set up and use of the portable stage.  Prices are as of January 1, 2011 and are subject to change.

As a condition of renting rooms to outside organizations, we require a Certificate of Insurance listing Kettering University as the additional insured. We also require they have, at minimum, the following coverage: General Liability - $2,000,000. 

All events on campus must use the Kettering Dining Services for food and/or beverages served on the premises. For details, contact the Catering Supervisor at (810)762-9860 or

Please Note:

  • Custodial Fees may apply.
  • Charges will be assessed to the lessor for any and all damages done to University property.
  • Use of kitchen and/or equipment is prohibited.
  • Candle burning is prohibited.   
  • Use of confetti, glitter or sand is not allowed.
  • Please do not rearrange the furniture.