Footprints / Work Requests

You may submit Work Requests to Auxiliary Services utilizing either of two options.

Work Requests by email

To request work orders from custodial, grounds, or shipping & receiving personnel (ex, cleaning, restroom supplies, moving/storage/equip release, mow/weed/snow removal, pest control) by email, send your requests to To request work orders from maintenance personnel (ex, building issues-carpentry, electrical, HVAC, lighting, painting, plumbing, water leaks, windows) by email, send your requests to Each system will automatically generate a work order in the FootPrints system (see below), and generate emails to you verifying your request and providing updates through completion of the work order.

For anything Room Setup-related not already entered at the time you submit reservation requests on Meeting Room Manager, email your requests to

Please include the following in your request:

  • On the subject line: Provide building abbreviation (AB, CC, RH, MC, RC), room number*, nature of the request.
  • In the body of the memo: Optional - Provide a more detailed explanation if necessary.

* If you're unsure of the room number where the work is to be done, visit Campus Maps & Plans.


As an alternative to requesting Work Requests via the email system, you can utilize the online FootPrints system directly following these steps:

  1. Log in using your LDAP ID and password.
  2. Select the appropriate pull-down workspace (Auxiliary Services - Custodial/Grounds/Shipping & Receiving, Physical Plant - Maintenance Services).
  3. Select New Work Order.
  4. Enter information as prompted on separate sections (see at left - Contact Info, Work Order Info, Comment) as needed (note: optional - Attachments).
  5. Hit the Save button.

The appropriate manager will assign the work orders.

If you've questions regarding either method of submitting work orders, please contact us at ext. 9751/9750.