Custodial Cleaning Frequency

Office Suites, Staff Lounges, and Personal Offices

Office suites, staff lounges, and personal office areas receive trash removal service on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Conference room chalkboards/marker boards are cleaned upon request. Other services are provided as listed below.

Twice Weekly  (usually on Monday, Wednesday or Friday):

  • Vacuum office suites and lounges
  • Dust mop and spot mop hard surface floors under normal conditions
  • Excessive messes are handled as needed


  • Vacuum personal office areas
  • Vacuum and edge complete carpeted area and spot clean baseboards


  • Dust ceiling vents


  • Clean trash receptacles
  • Clean doors, jambs, kick plates, and hardware
  • Clean carpeted areas (office owner's responsibility to move personal items from floor)


Restrooms in public use areas receive cleaning five days per week and are monitored throughout the day. Restrooms in Thompson Hall receive cleaning seven days a week and are monitored throughout the day.


  • Empty trash
  • Clean receptacles
  • Sweep floor
  • Wet mop floor and baseboards with a disinfectant
  • Replace sanitary napkin sacks
  • Descale and disinfect stools and urinals
  • Disinfect and rinse toilet seats
  • Spot clean partitions and toilet paper holders with a disinfectant
  • Fill empty toilet paper dispensers
  • Disinfect lavatories
  • Spot clean walls and paper towel dispenser with a disinfectant
  • Restock paper towel dispensers
  • Clean and fill soap dispensers
  • Clean and shine mirrors
  • Damp wipe bookshelves
  • Dust and disinfect door push plate, jambs, kick plates and door hardware
  • Report items requiring repair to the Physical Plant office at ext. 9750


  • Clean and disinfect trash receptacles and their containers
  • Pour disinfectant down floor drains


  • Clean vents, doors, and jambs


  • Clean walls
  • Machine scrub floors


Laboratories receive service five times per week. The desire of Custodial Services is to maintain the integrity of any experiment/research occurring on campus. We also strive to provide the custodian with a safe working environment. Because of the unique nature of laboratories, there are some tasks that custodial staff refrain from performing.

All dusting in laboratory areas is to be performed only by laboratory occupants. Scrubbing, stripping, and refinishing of hard surface floors is done at certain times of the year that are the least intrusive to the occupants of the laboratory which may result in a frequency schedule more closely related to the laboratory usage. Chalkboards or marker boards are cleaned only upon request so as not to remove data essential for any ongoing experiments.


  • Empty regular trash
  • Vacuum traffic areas
  • Spot clean light switches
  • Damp mop hard surface floors 
  • Dust mop and spot mop hard surface floors
  • Report items requiring repair to the Physical Plant office at ext. 9750


  • Spot clean doors, jambs, kick plates, and door hardware


  • Vacuum and edge carpet
  • Spot clean baseboards
  • Clean trash receptacles
  • Clean accessible ceiling vents

Every Six Months:

  • Clean doors, jambs, and hardware
  • Clean inside glass (non structural)


Classrooms receive cleaning five days per week.


  • Empty trash and spot clean container
  • Clean chalkboard or marker board along with its tray
  • Restock chalk as needed
  • Spot clean and arrange desks (work stations) and tables
  • Vacuum carpet traffic areas and spot clean as needed
  • Dust mop hard surface floors
  • Spot mop as needed
  • Report items requiring repair to the Physical Plant office at ext. 9750
  • Close and lock windows and turn off lights
  • Spot clean entry doors as wells as one panel of glass to either side of the door
  • Spot clean chairs

Twice Weekly:

  • Clean surface edges of chalkboards and marker boards
  • Dust horizontal ledge surfaces
  • Vacuum carpeted area
  • Damp mop hard surface floor
  • Spot clean doors, jambs, kick plates, hardware, and light switch plates
  • Clean desks and tables


  • Clean desk and tables
  • Dust ceiling vents, chairs and classroom equipment
  • Edge carpet
  • Wash trash receptacles

Every Six Months:

  • Doors, jambs, and hardware
  • Clean inside glass (non-structural)
  • Dust blinds

Floor Care


  • Burnish or buff hard surface floors in public hallways

Every Six Months:

  • Scrub and refinish hard surface floors
  • Soil extract carpets


  • Extract carpets

As Needed:

  • Strip and refinish hard surface floors