Web Solutions

University Public Website

The University's public website is maintained by a representative from each department. To request website design assistance, page content modifications or submit an announcement to be posted though Kettering's technology channels, visit the Marketing & Communications website.

Website for Kettering University Organizations and Research

The Kettering Bulldog Houses web server (powered by WordPress) is provided as a service to the Kettering Community to allow the creation and maintenance of websites for organizations, societies, sports, competition teams, and faculty-led research efforts.

Any student, faculty or staff organization or entity can request a website. Visit the Bulldog Houses main web page for more information.  Read more.

PAWSPersonal Accessible Web Space (PAWS)

Kettering University provides hosting of personal web pages for students, faculty and staff.  The following instructions will help get you started in creating your own personal web page.


Web Browsers and Supporting Software

The University reviews browsers for compatibility with University selected applications and standard software configurations.  The following browsers are approved and supported for use with standard Kettering technology solutions.  To view browser versions and supporting web software solutions, visit the University Standard Computer Software Configuration web page.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

The free, non-profit browser for desktop and mobile. More information.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is freeware browser for desktop and mobile developed by Google.   More information.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a commercial browser developed by Microsoft. More information.

Web Browser Proxy Settings

In most cases a user will not need to adjust a browser's proxy settings. Web Browsers default to "auto-detect" proxy settings which will navigate through most proxy servers.  If you are experiencing difficulties displaying a web page when connected to the network, review your browser's proxy settings. More information.