Technology Maintenance Schedule

Following please find the Univeristy technology maintenance schedule. 

Maintenance Status

There are no planned outages or alerts at this time.

For Host Status Details,

For Temperature Alerts:

ab server rm -

switch rm -

mott server rm -


Routine Maintenance Schedule

This on-going schedule is for non-urgent issues such as minor application and system upgrades, hardware and/or software maintenance, system patching, etc. Starting June 6, 2009; the first Saturday of each month from 1 a.m. - 10  a.m.  If there is no necessary maintenance, systems will remain online. 

IT will coordinate with Physical Plant  to coordinate scheduled outages during the same time frame.  

Major Systems Upgrades

Any upgrades to high impact systems and applications such as Apex, Banner, Blackboard, Email, Web service, etc., will be coordinated with end-users and scheduled during zero sections.  At least four weeks notice is required to communicate these types of outages. 

Critical Patches & Hot Fixes

These issues require immediate action.  They will be performed by IT staff outside of normal business hours as soon as possible, rather than waiting until the next maintenance schedule.   

Unplanned Maintenance/Emergencies

Issues such as hardware failures and hung processes that render production systems unusable will receive immediate response and resolution. 

Network Switch Upgrades

These upgrades will be coordinated with the areas affected and will be performed outside of normal business hours.  

Communication Methods

Prompt notice must be provided to Operations Communications for a communication  plan to be activated. The following protocols will be used for this purpose: 

  • Kettering Information Technology Website 
  • Voicemail 
  • Event Calendar 
  • Email (Critical Patches and Unplanned Maintenance only) 

Note:  Scheduling may be subject to contractor (including Physical Plant) availability when these services are required.