Kettering University Software Installation Policy

Software Installation in Labs and Classrooms

To assure quality and efficient support by IT technical support staff for the scheduling of resource availability and licensing compliance of software installation in labs, classrooms and any other place where instructional software has been requested for installation.

This guideline applies to all Kettering University departments, faculty and staff requesting software installations or upgrades on Kettering owned and IT supported equipment in labs and classrooms. Requests for individual faculty or staff workstation installations or upgrades fall out of the scope of this policy and must be communicated through the Help Desk.

This policy is under the authority and direction of Information Technology Department Management.

In order for software to be installed or upgraded in labs or classrooms, the requestor must fill out a Software Request form in order to begin the process. The Software Request Form must be filled out completely with appropriate lead time provided for resource scheduling. Some types of more comprehensive software suites may require more than one request form to be filled out. Depending on the work queue of the Lab Administrator, process times may vary when the request can be serviced. The recommendation is to turn in the request at least a term in advance (eleven weeks) before the service is required to ensure scheduling in meeting the requested due dates. Every reasonable effort will be made to meet the due dates; at times the administrator may be able to fulfill the request sooner than required, depending on the complexity of the request. In order to meet requested due dates, the requestor may need to test the software, if it is a new or upgraded software package. The request will be also reviewed for appropriate approval and contractual licensing compliance.

The Software Request form, when not appropriately filled out, may cause delays in the scheduling of the service, as may the lack of the required lead time. Software request forms submitted during the first couple weeks of a term or just prior to zero section may not be processed until after these usually busy weeks of the term are over.