Server Storage Space

Below is the list of storage space allocated on the server for each account. Email storage space is completely different from home directory storage space, however, each must be maintained by the user.

Email Storage

 Faculty & Staff Graduate
(on campus)
(off campus)
(temp / part-time employees)
Email Storage 2 Gb2 Gb2 Gb2 Gb2 Gb
Unix Home Directory 1.5 Gb1.5 Gb1.5 Gb1.5 Gb1.5 Gb
Windows Home Directory 5 Gb1 Gb0 Gb1 Gb1Gb to 5Gb

Temporary increases in email storage may be granted by the email administrator for 48 hours so that unnecessary or unwanted email may be deleted, saved as a document elsewhere, or printed and then deleted. After the 24 hours grace period, the account will revert back to its default size.