Email Relay Policy

Kettering has a no email relay policy in place due to the possible unauthorized use of Kettering University's email server to flood the system with unsolicited, commercial email. This means that we will not accept off-campus third-party email, also known as relayed email, except if one of the following items is true:

  • When you are (only) sending to "" addresses, or
  • The message originates from a host in the "" domain (i.e, you are on campus.), or
  • You are using Google Mail, or
  • You use SMTP-Auth in your email client and also possibly using port 587 (alternate SMTP sending port) in outgoing email settings.

If you are using the services of an ISP, you should either be using Google Mail, or setting up your email client to use SMTP-Auth with the SMTP port set to 587. (Using port 587 should work off campus as well as on campus; leaving it that way should not cause you problems.) You should have fewer problems with incoming email, and should, under most conditions, be able to fetch email via a secure channel (SSL) POP client (POPs, port 995) from POPs server, or via a secure channel (SSL) IMAP client (IMAPs, port 993) from IMAPs server Your outgoing email server (SMTP) should be set to