Electronic Survey Policy



This policy exists to coordinate the electronic surveys conducted on campus and clarify what process and system is best to use for the intended outcome.


This policy applies to all Kettering University Departments, faculty, staff and students. 


This policy is under the authority and oversight of the Information Technology Department.


Kettering University's official survey tool is the Blackboard system. All requests for electronic surveys shall be submitted to Information Technology Helpdesk, or through e-mail to helpdesk@kettering.edu, stating the type and requirements of the survey.


IT has three mechanisms for providing surveys Blackboard, Banner Web and basic Web. Each offers different functionality and methods for obtaining results and each product has its pros and cons. This policy is intended to guide faculty, staff and students on which method is the most appropriate for their needs. Blackboard, in most cases, is the system best suited for conducting surveys because it provides a secure platform that can be tailored to the survey users requirements, provide reports designed for the users specific needs.

Survey Categories

The following are the categories of electronic surveys which come within this policy:
(1) Surveys and inquiries which are addressed to the faculty, staff, and/or students of Kettering University and are conducted by an official body of the University or by an individual faculty, staff, or student representative.
(2) Surveys conducted on or off campus in the name of the University by an employee or organized unit of the University.

Submission Procedures

The procedure to be followed in obtaining permission to conduct surveys subject to this policy originating in Kettering University administrative and academic departments is:

  1. The survey request and requirements document will go from the originator to the Department Head, Supervisor, Faculty Advisor, or instructor, in the case of a student survey for review and authorization. 
  2. The Department Head, Supervisor, Faculty Advisor, instructor, or authorized representative will forward the request and basic survey requirements to the Information Technology Helpdesk or e-mail to helpdesk@kettering.edu.
  3. The Department Head, Supervisor, Faculty Advisor, instructor, or authorized representative will forward a copy of the survey request to the Intuitional Effectiveness department for their records.
  4. The Blackboard system administrator will review the survey requirements for completeness and consult with the requestor to provide any training needed and set up the framework for the survey in Blackboard.

Survey Systems Description

The Blackboard system is best suited for surveys that will be entirely created and controlled by the requesting entity. The requestor is responsible for creating, deploying, and retrieving the results of the survey. This person(s) will be given access to an organization that exists, or will be created, in Blackboard and sent specific directions on how to create the survey, deploy it, and retrieve the results. Blackboard requires very little IT intervention as surveys are created, deployed, and retrieved by the person (department) administering the survey.

    • Banner Web Survey - Banner Web requires IT staff to design and input the survey and run reports for pulling the results - although the reports could be run by the person (department) requesting the survey. This survey is the most complex to implement but would give statistical analysis as well as reporting results.
    • Basic Web Survey is a specific web page designed to collect requested survey information and then enter it into the web page. This text is then e-mailed to the recipient upon the user selecting a "submit" button on the page. The recipient then collates the information from the received e-mails.
    • Electronic surveys can be designed to ensure that when the responder completes the survey, a message appears indicating that the survey has been completed and transmitted.
    • Kettering University Information Technology is sensitive to privacy concerns and adheres to FERPA policy of confidentiality of personal information.

Survey Requirements Guide

Requirements form the basis for the final look and feel of the survey to determine the appearance, features and functionality defines the audience and what data is desired and how you want it reported.

  • Who is the audience?  faculty, staff, students, all the above?
  • How long will the survey be available?
  • Who is responsible for the survey content?
  • Who will see the results of this survey?

Contact Information

For information and clarification regarding this policy, please contact: Director, Network & Applications Systems 9752