Virus Program Installed - All personal computers must continuously run the current version of a virus detection package approved by the Information Technology Department. The current version of this virus package must be automatically downloaded to each personal computer when the machine is connected to the Kettering University internal network. Users must not abort this download process. At a minimum, this package must execute whenever external storage media is supplied.

Decompression Before Checking - Externally-supplied floppy disks, CD-ROMs, and other removable storage media must not be used unless they have been checked for viruses. Attachments to electronic mail must not be executed or opened unless they have been checked for viruses. Externally-supplied, computer-readable files, software programs, databases, word processing documents, and spreadsheets must be decompressed prior to being subjected to an approved virus-checking process. If the files have been encrypted, they must be decrypted before running a virus-checking program.

Eradicating Viruses - Users must not attempt to eradicate a virus without expert assistance. If users suspect infection by a virus, they must immediately stop using the involved computer, physically disconnect from all networks, and call the Information Technology Department Help Desk x8324. If the suspected virus appears to be damaging information or software, users must immediately turn off the personal computer. If the Information Technology Department suspects a computer of having a virus, we will disconnect the computer from the network to contain the spread of the virus.

Playing With Viruses - Users must not intentionally write, compile, copy, propagate, execute, or attempt to introduce any computer code designed to self-replicate, damage, or otherwise hinder the performance of any Kettering University computer system. This includes the deliberate electronic delivery of any type of malware or pretense of such to cause alarm.