Acceptable Network Storage

The Storage server is meant for use with academic materials and courses related only.

  • Storage and sharing of copyrighted material in violation of state and/or federal copyright law will not be tolerated and will result in forfeiture of access to data storage resources. The Information Technology Department reserves the right to remove and/or prevent access to copyrighted material found on the Student Storage Server. The Information Technology Department will be auditing data stored on this system.
  • Storage of copyrighted digital media files such as mp3, mpeg, wmv, mov, and other file types will result in the loss of storage privileges. The exception to this will be for an instructor or for student generated course related academic materials.
  • Kettering University IT retains the right to remove from its information systems any material it views as potentially illegal or non-course/academic related. 
  • The legitimate use of a computer, a network or other connected systems does not extend to whatever an individual is capable of accomplishing on a system. Just because a person is able to circumvent restrictions and security does not mean that the person is allowed to do so. 
  • The attempted use of home directories as software install points will result in the loss of storage privileges.
  • Students will have access to their allocated space until four weeks after graduation or upon other termination of matriculation at the University. At which point the users account will be removed from the system, their home directory and all content will be deleted. Accounts and storage will also be removed if a student has been inactive in Banner over six months.  These changes will take place without user notification. 
  • Restoration of user data files will only be done for the purpose of hardware or server system file corruption and not for the retrieval of accidentally deleted files by students. Students are encouraged to keep their own offline back ups. All labs include computers with CD Rom burners for this purpose. Backups are retained for four weeks and are performed once a week.