Technology Discounts for Personal Use

Kettering University offers to students, faculty and staff discounts on technology purchases for personal use.  A list of Computer Hardware, Software and Wireless providers are identified below.  To view a list of additional discounts offered to employees, visit the Human Resources website.  

Computer Hardware Technology


All Kettering Students, Faculty and Staff are eligible for a 10-13% discount on select Apple technologies purchased for personal use.  Available technology discount applies to computing devices such as iPods, iPads, iBooks, Powerbooks, PowerMacs, etc. 

To receive the Kettering University discount, just visit the Apple Store for Education and select the appropriate link (either faculty/staff member or student) and enter the University's Zip Code [48504]. Next select Kettering University and agree to Apple's shopping agreement.  Once you have agreed to Apple's terms and conditions, you will be forwarded to the Apple Store showing the appropriate discount for Kettering University.


Dell and Kettering Univeristy have teamed up to offer you the benefit of participating in the Dell University Program. This is great news for you, since the Dell University Program offers award-winning technology, flexible financing options, service and support, and much more. Kettering students and employees visit the Dell Store and begin shopping to receive up to a 12% discount on computing equipment.

HP StoreHP

HP offers discounted prices for Kettering University students and employees.  Visit the HP Store to receive discounts on computing equipment.

Software Technology

Kettering University has partnered with industry solution providers bringing the following software benefits to Students, Faculty and Staff. In addition to the following software solutions, the KUcloud brings virtual access to classroom and office desktop software and network files to you anytime, anywhere. Learn more.

Kettering University and Autodesk Education have partnered to bring solution that help you imagine, design, and create a better world. Get started at no cost access to the design software and creativity apps used to make the buildings, products, games and movies that inspire you!  Faculty and Students learn more.

Microsoft DreamSpark
Kettering has partnered with Microsoft DreamSpark. Why? It’s simple! Microsoft DreamSpark is all about giving students Microsoft professional-level developer and designer tools at no cost so students can chase their dream and create the next breakthrough in technology. Faculty and Students learn more.

Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP)
Kettering and Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP) have partnered to bring the latest version of Microsoft Office home for employees and their family. This partnership is an employee benefit that provides the Office suite at a low-cost download for home devices. Employees learn more.

Kettering has partnered with Minitab to bring the leading software used for statistics to our students at no cost. Students and Faculty have unlimited use of the software on personal/home devices for academic use. Faculty and Students learn more.

Communication Services


Kettering employees are eligible for an 18% off Sprint discount for new or existing service.

Verizon StoreVerizon

Kettering employees are eligible for an 18% off discount for new or existing service along with discounts up to 25% off accessories. Instructions on how to activate your Verizon discount is available on Blackboard.