Quick Set-up for Wireless Profiles

Connect to KU Wireless Network:

Profiles for wireless networks allow users to configure how their wireless device connects to a specific network and stores the settings to allow the connection to happen automatically each time the network is accessed. The instructions provided below are for Kettering University students and employees with a quick way to establish a profile for use with a Windows XP or Windows 7 device. 

Types of Wireless Access

KUEMPLOYEE - Only users with a faculty or staff account can connect to Kettering Employees

    • Encrypted Network Access
    • Internet Access
    • Printer Access
    • License Manager

KUSTUDENT - Only users with an active student account can connect to Kettering Students

    • Encrypted Internet Access
    • License Manager

KUGUEST - Users with any valid email address may connect to Kettering Guest

    • Non-encrypted Internet Access only

Note:  Kettering students and employees may use KUGUEST only temporarily if issues arise from attempting to access KUEMPLOYEE or KUSTUDENT.

Profile Set-up Instructions

The following directions provide profiles for both the KUSTUDENT and the KUEMPLOYEE wireless connections.

Profiles are compatible with the following configurations:

      • Windows XP - Windows 7
      • 802.11g or higher wireless card that can support WPA2 Enterprise.
      • Microsoft Wireless Manager enabled (If any other wireless manager is used the program may install correctly but the profile will not be accessible.)

1. Make sure the Wireless Adapter is installed and turned on

2. Download the correct installer to a location that can be easily accessed (i.e. Desktop) or select "Run" or "Open" depending on your web browser.

3. Click on the appropriate link below and run the EXE (the ReadMe file contains the instructions included on this page)

          • KUSTUDENT Profile (Only users with a student account can authenticate using this profile.)
          • KUEMPLOYEE Profile (Only users with a faculty or staff account can authenticate using this profile.)

4. "Under Profile Choice" menu enter the appropriate option (Most users will select option "2. Non-Domain (Non-Kettering Computers").

5. Click "OK".

6. Under "Profile Complete" the message should read "Profile KU***** has been created or modified".

7. Connect to the wireless profile using Microsoft Wireless Manager located on the taskbar.

8. Enter your Domain (Kettering computer logon) credentials if option 2 was used.

Error Reporting

These programs do not cause any harm to your device. If an error does occur, download and run the program again. If you still receive the same error, report the issue to Kettering Helpdesk. Please include a detailed description, and screenshot of the issue.  More troubleshooting.