Wireless Network Printing

Wireless network access is now available in almost all public areas of the campus including meeting rooms and class rooms. Use the following guide for wireless network printing:

Wireless Network Printer Configuration

Setting up with Add Printer wizard on a Windows PC

To set up a network printer:

  1. Click the Start button, select Settings, then click Printers.
  2. Double-click Add Printer.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

When you're asked, choose Network Printer, and enter the name of the server and shared printer in the form \\server\printer. You'll need to know the make and model of the printer. Using drivers for the HP Laser Jet 4000 will work on most of the printers.

Available Wireless Printers


Printer Name 

Make & Model 

ACDS Lab (Fishbowl), Rm 1-214 ABhttp://cups2.kettering.edu:631/printers/fbqHP LaserJet 8150N 
Applied Mathematics Lab \\cups.kettering.edu\applmathqHP LaserJet 4250 
BARS Lab\\cups.kettering.edu\barsqHP LaserJet 4100
Blade Lab Rm 3-508 AB\\cups.kettering.edu\bladeps HP LaserJet 1200 
CIM Lab, Rm 1-826 ABhttp://cups2.kettering.edu:631/printers/cimqHP LaserJet 4000
CSCE Lab Rm 3-506 AB\\cups.kettering.edu\csceq HP Laser Jet 4000 
CSR Lab\\cups.kettering.edu\csrlq HP LaserJet 4100 Series
CSR Lab Color Printer\\cups.kettering.edu\csrlcqHP Color LaserJet 4550
Denso Lab\\cups.kettering.edu\densoqHP LaserJet 4100 Series
EMS Lab \\cups.kettering.edu\emslq HP LaserJet 1300N 
Galaxy Lab – 3-502ABhttp://cups2.kettering.edu:631/printers/galaxypsPostscript Sun
GM PACE Lab - 2MC \\cups.kettering.edu\gmpaceq HP LaserJet 8000 Series
Hougen Lab, Rm 2-116 MChttp://cups2.kettering.edu:631/printers/hougenq HP LaserJet 5200 Series
Liberal Studies Lab - 4-501 AB\\cups.kettering.edu\ls-lab-qHP LaserJet 4200 Series
Libraryhttp://cups2.kettering.edu:631/printers/LIBQX5335Xerox Workcenter 5335
Loeffler Lab - 2MC \\cups.kettering.edu\loefflerq HP LaserJet 4250
Loeffler Lab Plotter - 2MC\\cups.kettering.edu\melabplotHP DesignJet 750C+
PC Lab - 3-503 ABhttp://cups2.kettering.edu:631/printers/glqHP LaserJet 4015dn
TRW Lab - 3rd fl. TH\\cups.kettering.edu\trwqHP LaserJet 4250
Virginia Kettering Lab - 4th fl. THhttp://cups2.kettering.edu:631/printers/vkqHP LaserJet 4250