Academic Materials and Course Student Storage Server - FAQ

How much space do I get?


How do I access my storage area?  

By logging on to the computers in specific labs and using your Windows Student User ID and Password and accessing the "S" drive.  

What is my windows student user ID?   What is my windows student user password?   Where do I go to have my windows student user password reset?

Windows Student User ID - this user ID is the first four letters of the last name and the last four digits of the student id number (a 9-digit number beginning with 700).   Your 9-digit student ID number which begins with "700" is located on your Student ID Card.   It was also sent as part of your "Admissions Acceptance Letter" before you arrived at Kettering University .

The Windows Student User Password is the password listed on the password sheet given to you at student orientation. You will also be forced to change your password on your first log on. 

Resetting of the windows password can be done in person at the Help Desk 2-336 AB.   

Is my windows student user ID and windows student user password what I use for checking EMail, Unix, BannerWeb and Blackboard?  And if I change my password for the windows system will it change on all the other systems?

The Email, Unix, BannerWeb and Blackboard systems each share a User ID and Password database and are not connected to the Windows System.   Changing the password on any of these systems has no effect on the windows system and changing your windows password does not affect these other systems.

From what Labs can I log on and access my "S" drive?

3-341AB (Loeffler Lab)
3-333AB (Applied Mathematics Lab)
4-501AB (Communications lab)
4th Floor Thompson Hall Virginia Kettering lab 

I tried to log on to a computer in lab (any name) and I could not log in

Only Windows XP computers and computers that are part of the Kettering Windows Domain will allow Domain access.   See the above list for the labs where students may access their "S" drive.  

Who has access to my home directory?     

Just the student and Information Technology department has access to student home directories.   There is one exception.  Certain classes such as "Mech-100" have a separate storage location in which the instructor has the ability to change permissions.  A user's 100mb quota also counts against this area.

I'm confused which drive letter my home directory is in and which one is for my class storage area in?

The "S" Drive points to a student's home directory. The "R" Drive points the root folder for specific class student areas.   Not all courses have a class storage area.