Computer Hardware & Software

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Kettering’s technology infrastructure is growing to meet exciting new changes in the way we compute. We’ve worked to identify competitive and reliable technology solutions for students, faculty and staff that integrate efficiently with our growing infrastructure. In support of our technology growth, the Help Desk team is trained and committed to provide customer service excellence on our identified hardware and software solutions.


We want our students prepared for classroom technology success! We’ve identified minimum hardware and software configurations to support student learning – including information regarding free and discounted software solutions available.

Faculty and Staff

The technology team has worked to identify high durability, business class machines to support teaching and conducting University business. Additionally, we have built a computer desktop suite of software providing cross-platform compatibility to create the next level in computer reliability.

This combination of computer hardware and software supported by our technology commitment to provide customer service excellence should your computing environment fail is known as the KetteringU Computer Advantage.