Digital Telephone Features

Digital Telephone

Transferring Calls: 

While connected to a call:

  • Announce transfer to caller 
  • Push transfer button - transfer arrow lights, Directory Number (DN) blinks, caller now on hold 
  • Dial number - hear ringing
    Options at this point:
  • Push transfer button, call is now routed to new extension and disconnected from you
  • or you can announce the transfer to new party: wait for answer, announce transfer, push transfer button, call is now connected to new extension and disconnected from you

Conference Calls:

With first party on line:

  • Press conference key, current call is now on hold, you hear dial tone 
  • Dial next extension (internal or external) 
  • Announce conference to new caller
  • Press conference key once to connect all calls together 
  • Repeat steps to add additional parties

Group Pickup Calls: 

With a phone ringing in your pick group:

  • Lift handset, hear dial tone 
  • Push group pickup key, you are now connected to the call  

Directed Group Pickup Calls: 

With a phone ringing:

  • Lift handset (or push your directory number key), hear dial tone
  • Push directed group pickup key, enter phone number you want to pick up
  • You are now connected to the call

Message Center With Digital Phone: 

Shortcut to voice mail:

  • Lift handset or with the handset on hook push an extension key, when you hear a dial tone 
  • Push msg center key
  • Follow automated voice instructions  

Forwarding a Call: 

Forwards your phone to another extension.

  • Push forward button, when indicator blinks enter target extension - where calls are to be directed
    note: if you have previously entered a target extension you can proceed to the next step to forward to that same extension.
  • Push forward button, indicator on (not blinking), phone is forwarded
  • To cancel, push forward button, indicator disappears



Blinking - mute, you can hear the caller, the caller can't hear you
On Solid - Hands Free (HF) mode; you can hear the caller; the caller can hear you
To go to Hands Free while on the handset:

  • Push HF button, indicator turns on (solid) hang up handset, your now in hands free mode

To go to the handset from Hands Free:

  • Pick up handset, HF indicator turns off