Data Governance Committee

The IT department is leading an effort on campus to ensure data integrity and provide a uniform understanding of data across the organization.  This will allow us to leverage the reporting tool, Argos, and provide reports that allow for data driven decisions.  The following is a summary of what the team is working towards.

What is Data Governance?

Data governance is an emerging discipline with an evolving definition.  The discipline embodies a convergence of data quality, data management, data policies, business process management, and risk management surrounding the handling of data in an organization.  (Note:  The Data Governance Committee will determine the prioritization of selected quality initiatives for the University with final approval from the Vice President for Instructional, Administrative & Information Technology.)

What is Data Standardization?

Data standardization is the process of achieving agreement on common data definitions, representation, and structures to which all data layers must conform.

What is a Data Dictionary?

A set of information describing the contents, format, and structure of a database and the relationship between its elements, used to control access to and manipulation of the database.  (Example:  a data dictionary will serve as a user’s handbook in finding out where in Banner (tables/fields) to pull a list of active enrolled, A-Section students, involved in FIRST Robotics.  This document will help ensure quality Argos reports are built from the correct data source.  Note:  All data security parameters will dictate authorization to datasets.)

Committee Members

UnitDepartmentEnterprise SystemCommittee Member
Academic AffairsAcademic Success CenterBanner (Applicant & Student) / KSPNatalie Candela
Co-op, Experiential Education & Career ServicesBanner (Applicant & Student) / Kettering ConnectDoug Bourassa
Graduate Studies & ResearchBanner (Student & Finance)Bonnie Switzer
International ProgramsBanner (Applicant & Student) / TargetXDavid Hamilton
Institutional EffectivenessBanner (Applicant, Student & Alumni)Edwin Imasuen
Registrar's OfficeBanner (Applicant, Student & Alumni) / Bulldog SchedulerMike Mosher
Administration &
Accounts ReceivableBanner (Accounts Receivable & Student)Julie Dodge
Accounts ReceivableBanner (Accounts Receivable & Student)Kathleen Goodrich
Business OfficeBanner (Finance)Dennis Liagre
Human ResourcesBanner (Human Resources) / PeopleAdminCamilla Kemp
PayrollBanner (Human Resources & Payroll)Kimberly Rodden
Kettering GlobalKettering GlobalBanner (Applicant & Student)Angie Spade
Kettering GlobalBanner (Student) / BlackboardTracey Rodgerson
Marketing, Communication & EnrollmentAdmissions - GraduateBanner (Applicant & Student) / TargetXDyan Robinson
Admissions - UndergraduateBanner (Applicant & Student) / TargetXKelly Holmquist
Financial AidBanner (Financial Aid, Applicant & Student)Diane Bice
Student LifeStudent LifeBanner (Student) / Housing DirectorKatie Bosio
University AdvancementAdvancement & AlumniBanner (Advancement & Alumni)Theresa Allen
Instructional, Administration & Information TechnologyApplications TeamEnterprise SystemsTabitha Bourassa
Applications TeamEnterprise SystemsWendy Bussure
Applications TeamEnterprise SystemsWayne Cole
Applications TeamEnterprise SystemsDan Nowaczyk
CIO / Vice PresidentEnterprise SystemsViola Sprague

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