The IT Department will be switching over to the latest release of the IT call ticket tracking software, also known as the Footprints system, this Sunday, 3/17/2013 at 7 am. This system has been in use for several years and has needed a major upgrade for some time in order to benefit from many of the enhanced features and functions that the new version provides.

For the IT Department it provides many new tools for tracking, monitoring, and reporting that will enhance our support to our customers.

For our customers it provides features such as web based tools to create or review the status of your tickets along with communicating with IT personnel more efficiently than via email.

You may still continue to use the email interface as in the past to create or respond to call tickets using the helpdesk@kettering.edu address.

You also have the option to sign on to the Footprints system directly via the web for access to the full suite of tools. The address to connect is: https://mango.kettering.edu using the same LDAP ID and Password you use to sign on to our Google Apps and Blackboard applications. The Footprints link may be found on the IT Web site under the list of Services. This upgrade will not require any action on our customers’ part and the system will only be unavailable for 15 minutes.