CETL has two beautiful pieces of artwork hanging in the CETL Collaboration Room thanks to local artist Tim Kranz. We examine these two unique pieces and share a little bit about the artist.

Tim Kranz. Downtown Flint with Citizens Bank. 2006. Oil on canvas. 48” x 24”.
In late 2006, just before going to Kendall College, a Kettering University staff member, Amber Paxton, contacted Tim and said that Kettering would like a painting of something in Flint. Tim accepted the challenge and decided to work on an oil painting of downtown Flint and Citizens Bank (CB). He thought that this was an appropriate setting, for the CB building was an iconic and universal building in Flint. In addition, this particular painting was a symbol of Tim’s time at the University of Michigan – Flint. Churchill’s, a well known bar in downtown, sits in front of the CB building and is shown in the painting. 
Tim wanted to use bright colors to paint the Downtown Flint with Citizens Bank portrait. He followed or intentionally went against color theory and pushed brushwork, perspective, and complementary colors. Tim found this piece of art to be a representational piece and simplified the scene a little in order to not subtract from the important parts.

Tim Kranz. Kettering University Bell Tower.  2012. Oil on canvas. 48” x 24”.
The Citizens Bank (CB) painting hung on the walls of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) for many years in the former basement office of the Kettering Academic Building (AB).  At the time of delivery, CETL Director and faculty member, Prof. Jacqueline (Jackie) El-Sayed, asked Tim about painting the Bell Tower at a date that would be determined.  Upon Jackie’s recommendation, the 2011 CETL Director, Prof. Terri Lynch-Caris, commissioned Tim to complete the bell tower painting for the new CETL Collaboration Room on the third floor of the AB.  The CB painting was moved from the basement to the third floor and Tim was invited back to complete the bell tower painting with the final painting delivered in June 2012.  CETL work study students Hayley Schuller and Natalie Slattery were instrumental in interviewing the artist, facilitating the details and preparing a biographical history of the artwork and the artist.
When painting the Kettering University Bell Tower, Tim found the bricks very challenging to paint. This is because the bricks on the Campus Center and the bricks on the bell tower are not the same color. In addition, depending on the weather (whether it’s cloudy, sunny, morning, evening, etc.), the bricks tend to change color from red to orange to brown. Like the painting of Citizens Bank, Tim played a lot with color theory when painting the bell tower. In addition, he used a lot of complementary colors underneath to make the foreground colors stand out.

He can be contacted through:

Timothy Kranz – Artist
2417 Hialeah Dr., Flint, MI  48507
email: kranzart@gmail.com