What is CETL?

The original CETL office is located in Room 1-336AB on the Kettering campus. This area will continue to serve as a conference center for the Kettering community. Faculty, staff and students may schedule any of the three conference rooms through CETL’s administrative assistant.

The new CETL Collaboration Room opened in October 2011 in a former classroom (Rm. 3-103) directly across from the Faculty Senate Conference Room.  The intent is to make CETL a vibrant and central part of Kettering life.  The new CETL Collaboration Room gives faculty a place to gather and discuss ideas relative to the enhancement of teaching and learning in the heart of the school.  The window into the hallway is intended to bring in natural light into the hallway from the outside windows. The adjacent classroom (Rm. 3-105) may be used as a student collaboration room outside of class scheduling. The two co-located collaboration rooms have complementary color schemes intended to invite faculty, staff and student interactions.

CETL will continue to house a collection of journals, books, videos and other materials as resources to the Kettering community.

Mission Statement

To provide resources and opportunities for faculty, staff and students to become better teachers and learners.

Vision Statement

Empowering learners by enhancing faculty prowess.

History of CETL

CETL is the brainchild of the Kettering University Teaching Fellows. The Teaching Fellows began discussing the concept of a center in September, 2000. The group held a meeting to plan for the center and established the mission and name of the center, identified goals, proposed services and actions to satisfy the goals, discussed staffing and future issues, and discussed the role of the Teaching Fellows in the center. In the weeks following, the Teaching Fellows formalized the plans for the center, finalized the mission and goals for the center, and posted an internal job announcement for the Director.

In January 2001, Cynthia Finelli was named the first director for the center, and her appointment began in July 2001. A CETL Advisory Board (comprised of faculty from each department, two administrators, and the director of UM-Flint's teaching center) was selected to assist the Director in her duties.

Daryl Doyle, Professor of Chemistry, became the Center's second Director on July 1, 2003.

Greg Hassold, Professor of Physics, became CETL's Interim Director on July 11, 2005.

Jacqueline El-Sayed, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, started as CETL's third Director on January 18, 2006.

Mark Palmer, Associate Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, served as Acting Director between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009.

Terri Lynch-Caris, Associate Professor of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering became CETL’s Interim Director on September 1, 2011 and was named Director in December, 2011.