University Corridor part of 'Paint What Matters' contest

Jun 3, 2013

Vote for Flint in a national contest to receive revitalization from paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore & Company.

paint what matters
Kettering students Lisa Mitchell and Ellen Ernst being interviewed by ABC 12's Marc Jacobson.

See Kettering University staff, students and Flint Mayor Dayne Walling discussing the project with ABC 12.

The City of Flint has entered a contest called “Paint What Matters” which spans the United States and Canada. Flint will compete for a chance to be one of twenty cities nominated to receive revitalization from paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore & Company.

Cities in the contest are competing to have their Main Streets chosen to be repainted by professional designers who will work to preserve the architectural style, regional influences and historic references of buildings in that area. Benjamin Moore & Co. will provide all the paint, supplies and professional support.

For its part, the City of Flint has chosen the University Avenue Corridor as the area for the revitalization project. As well as serving as a connection between the University of Michigan-Flint and Kettering University, University Ave. also contains Atwood Stadium, the Children’s Museum and is a major leg of the Crim Festival of Races.

“This is a great opportunity for Flint to revamp an area that is not only important to our residents and students but also to our many visitors who use this thoroughfare for various events,” said Flint Mayor Dayne Walling.

The University Corridor is already undergoing positive transformation thanks to the efforts of community partners like Kettering University, who invest in the surrounding area to provide a cleaner and safer environment for students and residents alike.

"The University Avenue Coalition is laser focused on making the area crime-free and economically viable. The corridor will be walk-able and bike-able as we continue to improve the streets and buildings around University Avenue. I applaud the Mayor and the Benjamin Moore initiative, and urge the community to vote," said Kettering University spokesman Jack Stock, director of external relations.

In addition to the online component, Benjamin Moore & Co. will be partnering with local Chambers of Commerce around the U.S. and Canada and many non-profit organizations. Make It Happen, a non-profit founded by actor-philanthropist Brad Pitt is among the organizations pledging support with the actor lending his voice to support an aggressive advertising campaign across both countries. The company will list the winning main streets and towns on the website in July.

There are four cities from Michigan competing in “Main Street Matters” along with Flint, they include Charlevoix, Lansing and Hastings. Individuals can vote online for their favorite city and can vote once per day while voting is open. Voting for the contest will cease at 11:59 p.m on June 30, 2013.