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Kettering University listed 59th nationally, first in Michigan in The Economist’s first-ever college rankings

Nov 2, 2015
Kettering graduates are uniquely prepared for careers through rigorous classroom instruction mixed with immersive co-op experiences.The Economist recently published its first-ever college rankings ... Read More

Kettering University experience provided career foundation for graduate

Oct 30, 2015
Rod Kirkham '75 during a tour of the FIRST Robotics Community Center in 2015.Rod Kirkham ‘75 first discovered Kettering University from an unusual source - the morning announcements at his high ... Read More

Kettering University student has turned robotics passion into a co-op job

Oct 29, 2015
Bryan Culver ‘17 came to Kettering University in search of an interactive engineering experience similar to his high school career in FIRST Robotics (FRC) and Vex Robotics (VRC).Near the end of his ... Read More

Limitless opportunity drew Kettering University student to engineering

Oct 27, 2015
Growing up in Flint Township, Angela Swain ‘16 was always familiar with Kettering University and all of its pre-college offerings. She started participating in the Young Inventor's program on ... Read More

Opportunity to help American railroad industry too good to pass up for Kettering University graduate

Oct 27, 2015
If presented with the option of having a guaranteed, secure, prestigious, high-paying job at a major university in a vibrant college town for the rest of your life, or joining an industry going ... Read More

Kettering University professor examining how green tea may prevent cardiovascular disease

Oct 26, 2015
Dr. Montserrat Rabago-Smith is examining preventative benefits of green tea.Scientific literature and popular science agree - green teas’ antioxidant properties make it important for disease ... Read More

Alumni Service Award winner found similar characteristics between Kettering University, Silicon Valley

Oct 22, 2015
Paul Cloutier '92 is the recipient of the 2015 Kettering University Alumni Service Award. The Alumni Service Award recognizes graduates who have given outstanding volunteer service to Kettering ... Read More

KEEN grant helps Industrial Engineering faculty member instill entrepreneurial thinking into supply chain course

Oct 20, 2015
A KEEN grant helped Dr. Farnaz Ghazi-Nezami infuse entrepreneurial thinking into an Industrial Engineering course.Kettering University students learning about supply chain management are being ... Read More

Recipient of 2015 Kettering University Engineering Achievement Award continues to be excited about future of auto industry

Oct 19, 2015
Charlie Klein '83 is the recipient of the 2015 Kettering University Engineering Achievement Award. Klein is the Vice President, Vehicle Engineering General Motors Europe, based in Ruesselsheim, ... Read More

Kettering University participates in WACKER Chemical Corporation’s University Day

Oct 16, 2015
Kettering was represented at WACKER Chemical Corporation's University Day.Kettering University was one of 11 colleges and universities represented at WACKER Chemical Corporation’s ‘University ... Read More