Scholarship donors honored at luncheon

May 8, 2013

Kettering University honored donors to scholarships at a luncheon in May.

Kettering University had a luncheon honoring scholarship donors on May 3.

Kettering University hosted its first ever luncheon May 3 to honor those who have contributed to scholarship funds at the University and to allow donors to interact with current students who have benefitted from those scholarship opportunities.


“These scholarships have helped many students achieve their potential at Kettering University and go on to accomplish amazing things in their professional career,” said Susan Davies, Vice President for University Advancement and External Relations at Kettering University. Davies noted that the luncheon giving donors a chance to interact with scholarship recipients will become a tradition at Kettering.

Donors were given a chance to share stories about what inspired them to give back through scholarship funds. Current students who have received scholarship support at Kettering also shared their stories.

“The only reason I’m able to be at Kettering is because of the support of my parents and of others through scholarships,” said student Jorge Horcasitis. “It’s nice to be here and see some of the faces to go with the names on paper. I look forward to being in a position some day in my professional career where I am able to provide these opportunities for students.”

“Without support through scholarships, many students wouldn’t have the means to realize their potential,” said Kettering University President Robert McMahan. “Scholarships go far beyond just monetary support. They also act as an invisible hand and vote of confidence that guide students through their education. I can’t overstate the importance of scholarships and the profound impact they have on students.”

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