Protecting rear seat occupants

Jul 30, 2012

TRW Automotive was on campus to present a $62,000 research grant to Kettering University.

Kettering Crash Safety Center receives TRW check.

Officials from TRW Automotive, one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers, were on the Kettering University campus July 20 to present a $62,000 research grant. The grant extends an ongoing relationship between Kettering University and TRW.

“TRW is looking ahead to the safety of rear occupants in frontal crashes,” said Dr. Massoud Tavakoli, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Principle Investigator for this research. “This is part of a long line of similar research done at Kettering with the support of TRW. Thanks to the dedicated work of my colleague, Dr. Janet Brelin-Fornari (director of Crash Safety Center) and our great crash lab team headed by Sheryl Janca, we have a unique program in crash safety here at Kettering complete with a crash sled lab.”

TRW and Kettering University have a research relationship that dates back to the 1990s. In addition, TRW is one of the University’s top co-op employers.

“TRW is very pleased to support Kettering’s leading edge research in crash safety,” said Steve Peterson, TRW Director of Engineering, North American Region, Global Systems. “This is an excellent collaborative partnership that allows Kettering to engage its students and faculty in significant research and assists TRW in a greater understanding of protecting rear seat occupants.”

In addition to Peterson, other officials from TRW on hand to present the grant funds and tour labs in the C.S. Mott Building were Thomas Klena, Systems Manager; Paul Lange, Principal Product Engineer; and John Wilkerson, Senior Communications Manager. Peterson and Klena are both 1987 Kettering University graduates.

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