New collaborative space opens in the Academic Building

May 29, 2014

“The key to this space is that nobody owns it,” said Kettering President Robert McMahan.

The is open to any students, faculty or staff to use -- but it is not reservable.

A new collaborative space recently opened on the Kettering University campus and the rules for using it are simple -- it’s open to anyone at any time.


“The key to this space is that nobody owns it,” said Kettering President Robert McMahan. “It is available for ad-hoc meetings for student groups, faculty or staff, but you can’t reserve it. It’s always open for anyone who needs the space to use it.”

The Kettering ‘’ is located in the Academic Building in an area that was formerly a small lounge near the library and the new Applied Biology labs. The concept for the is based in part on the philosophy of the at Stanford University -- infusing open, collaborative and technology-enabled spaces throughout campus as a way to build an environment supportive of rampant creativity, innovation, teamwork and project work.

The first includes a wall painted with dry erase paint, whiteboards, moveable furniture, a large screen and technology features (similar to the technology available in the renovated B.J.’s Lounge) that allow those using the space to connect devices and share information and ideas with collaborators. This space is the first of many that McMahan hopes will be added in locations throughout campus.

“This is intended to solely be open collaboration space to foster creativity,” McMahan said. “It is intended to provide something we don’t currently have much of on campus -- unclaimed space full of technology, whiteboards and other elements that creates a fluid, productive work area for anyone who needs it. Collaborative spaces like this will be a component of the new campus master plan that is currently in development.”

Written By Patrick Hayes | Contact: Patrick Hayes - - (810) 762-9639