Kettering University, Powers Catholic launch dual enrollment courses

Sep 9, 2013

This dual enrollment opportunity is the latest of what will likely be many future opportunities for meaningful partnerships.

Kettering University and Powers Catholic High School are partnering to launch a dual enrollment program for Powers students this year.

Powers opened its new facility near Kettering’s campus in the renovated Michigan School For The Deaf building this month. The proximity to Kettering and a contribution from the state of Michigan to help defray some of the tuition costs for the students, along with a ready supply of advanced students interested in dual enrollment opportunities, made the partnership a natural fit. This year, Nancy Stock, a Kettering mathematics instructor, will teach Calculus I and Calculus II on the Powers campus.

“The students will find out what is expected of them in a college math class,” Stock said. “It is going to be rigorous and they will be held to the same standard as any Kettering student.”

Kettering will offer one section per semester with approximately 20 students per class. Students will work from the same syllabus she uses for Kettering students, but since the courses will be on the Powers semester schedule, she will be with the students for more hours.

“This should offer more opportunity for digging into content and explaining concepts,” Stock said.

Powers Catholic High School

The new Powers campus adds significantly to the transformation of the area surrounding Kettering and in the University Corridor region. Other upgrades in the area include renovated roadways, new signage and sidewalks from the I-69 Hammerberg Road exit to Kettering’s campus. Kettering opened a new Einstein Bros. Bagels and Flint Police Mini Station at the corner of University and Chevrolet avenues in March and the Chevy in the Hole property between Kettering and Powers recently received a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to aid cleanup efforts.

“We’re ecstatic to be able to collaborate with Powers and we’re even more thrilled to have them in our neighborhood next door to campus,” said Kip Darcy, Kettering University vice president of marketing, communication and enrollment. “Powers and Kettering have both shown strong commitments to the Flint Community, and it’s fantastic to have another neighbor and partner institution in the University Corridor region.”

Kettering and Powers students and stakeholders have spent the summer participating in neighborhood cleanups as well as signature Flint events, like the Crim Festival of Races. Powers basketball, lacrosse, soccer and swimming teams have used Kettering facilities for practices and the Powers and Kettering security offices provide work with each other, creating added safety and support for students driving, walking or biking to either campus.

This dual enrollment opportunity is the latest of what will likely be many future opportunities for meaningful partnerships.

“It's really exciting to be in on the ground floor of this relationship with our new neighbor,” Stock said. “I know already we have had community service clean-ups with Kettering and Powers students. They already use our sports facilities and that likely will continue. There are other plans underway for other coursework offerings. I just know this is going to be a win-win for the two institutions.”