Kettering a 'natural fit' for student Commencement speaker

Jun 19, 2014

“The co-op experience, the connections you make and the opportunities … you can’t lose.”

Ever since he can remember, Scott Hoffman has preferred activities that are hands-on and involve creativity. Those traits made Kettering University a natural fit for him.

Hoffman, who will graduate June 22 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Business, will be the student speaker at Kettering’s Commencement ceremony at 11 a.m. in the Connie and Jim John Recreation Center.

Scott Hoffman

Kettering Commencement News:

“If you’re serious about your career and your future, there is no place that will get you on a path to success quicker than Kettering will,” Hoffman said. “The co-op experience, the connections you make and the opportunities … you can’t lose.”

Hoffman is a Howell, Michigan, native and Detroit Catholic Central graduate who chose Kettering because of the co-op program, reputation of the school and the fact that the close-knit community allows students significant access to faculty, alumni and fellow students to form meaningful professional networks. Both of his parents, Kim and Tom, also graduated from Kettering University (then known as GMI).

“What sealed attending Kettering for me was the chance to learn real engineering concepts not only in the classroom, but on the job and in a professional environment through co-op as well,” Hoffman said. “Looking back, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.”

Hoffman did his co-op with Henry Ford Health Systems in Detroit. He noted that among his great work experiences, he had the opportunity as a junior to conduct a study in collaboration with Nike Research Labs that looked at lower extremity bone motion in the foot and ankle in different footwear conditions.

“I was very excited about the project, and given the chance to take the lead in designing the custom platform that we carried out the testing on,” Hoffman said. “Going through the planning, designing, building and testing phases and seeing my work as a key part of a project like that was really gratifying.”

Hoffman finished at Kettering in September of last year and has since started a job as a project manager at RedViking in Plymouth, Michigan. He also purchased his first home and recently got engaged to be married.

Written By Patrick Hayes | Contact: Patrick Hayes - - (810) 762-9639