Intentionally innovative

Feb 19, 2010

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm delivers a $951,500 to Kettering University for the Flint Center of Energy Excellence's Swedish biogas project.

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm presented a check for $951,500 to Kettering University during ceremonies Feb. 18 to celebrate Kettering’s commitment to advancing alternative energy technology through partnership in the Flint Center for Energy Excellence.  The Center is a unique partnership between Kettering University, the city of Flint and Swedish Biogas International with a total of $8-10 million invested.

Gov. Granholm presented the check from the U.S. Department of Energy to Kettering University Provost Michael Harris.  Harris said the Flint Center of Energy Excellence is living up to its promise to advance alternative energy options through partnership and collaboration in an innovative manner.  “Gov. Granholm has focused efforts facilitating partnerships between the world’s leading alternative energy companies and Michigan’s best universities in an effort to transform Michigan's economy,” Harris said. 

“Her goal of strengthening Michigan’s future by investing in the alternative energy industry is coming true here in Flint,” Harris continued.  “Kettering University is proud to be part of this future and will continue to work in a collaborative manner while exploring innovative technology in building a bright future for our university, the city, the region and the state,” he added.

Five guests spoke during the check presentation ceremony in Kettering’s Loeffler Lab:

  • Martin Dober, vice president of new markets for the Michigan Economic Development Corp.;
  • Tom Guise, CEO, Swedish Biogas International;
  • Flint Mayor Dayne Walling;
  • Kettering Provost Michael Harris and
  • Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Harris said the Governor’s visit focuses attention on the successful ongoing partnership between Swedish Biogas International, the City of Flint, Sweden’s Linkoping University and Kettering University.  In September 2008, his Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden, came to Kettering University to initiate the collaborative partnership and focus international attention to the importance of alternative energy research. 

Written by Patricia Mroczek