GM donates car

Apr 20, 2012

General Motors has presented a specialized safety vehicle to Kettering, in honor of the Inauguration of President McMahan.

Mary Barra '85Kettering University announced the donation of a police-package security vehicle by the General Motors Corporation on Friday, April 20, as part of a campus wide celebration to honor the inauguration of President Robert K. McMahan as Kettering's seventh president.

Mary Barra, GM Senior Vice President, Global Product Development, made the announcement during her Alumni Keynote Address to a standing room only crowd in Kettering's International Room. Barra is a 1985 graduate of Kettering University and a member of the Kettering University Board of Trustees. She is responsible for all design, quality, and engineering operations for the automaker's 11 brands worldwide and is one of the country's leading automotive executives. Barra is a member of Forbes list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World.

"This specialized security vehicle presented today to Kettering University is in recognition of President Robert McMahan on his inauguration day,” Barra said. “General Motors has a deep history and connection with this University. Our donation today continues our tradition of helping create global leaders for business and industry.”

Safety CarThe white 2011 Impala will be added to Kettering’s fleet of Campus Safety vehicles. The vehicle has enhanced durability and performance features and will feature decals identifying it as a Kettering Campus Safety vehicle.

President McMahan thanked Barra for the generous donation of a vehicle that will supplement Kettering's existing campus safety fleet. "I want to thank General Motors on behalf of our students for its ongoing investment in our campus. This specialized vehicle will strengthen safety for our campus and our neighborhood," McMahan said.

"We view ourselves as an anchor for this area in Flint. We are grateful to Trustee Mary Barra and Trustee Diana Tremblay ’82, GM vice president for Manufacturing and Labor Relations, for their support and advocacy," McMahan continued. "I am very grateful to have a board that is so deeply committed to the future of Kettering University."