Expo Saturday will highlight faculty and student research

May 16, 2013

The Celebrate Achievement Expo May 18 will display some of Kettering University's most innovative research.

A 'Celebrate Achievement' expo at Homecoming Saturday, May 18, will feature poster presentations of faculty research.

Homecoming attendees will get a firsthand look at some of the top research happening at Kettering University during Homecoming Weekend at the Celebrate Achievement Expo from 9-11 a.m. May 18.

The expo will feature 27 post displaying of Kettering University’s most innovative research. Faculty and students will be on hand to discuss their work and breakfast will be available, catered by Einstein Bros. Bagels.

Here is the list of presenters:

Engineers without borders at Kettering University: 8 years, 7 donors, 6 mentors, 5 projects, 4 cities, 3 countries, 2 causes, and 1 big idea.
Laura Sullivan, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Gas separation using polymeric membranes
Steve Nartker, Department of Chemical Engineering

High-frequency ultrasound M-mode imaging for identifying lesion and bubble activity during high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation
Ronald E. Kumon (1) Madhu S.R. Gudur (2), Yun Zhou (2), Cheri X. Deng (2)
1- Department of Physics, Kettering University; 2 - University of Michigan

High-efficiency and high-power battery chargers, electric alternators and diesel-soot burner for electric vehicles
Kevin Bai, Allan Taylor, Wei Guo, Gyula Szatmari-Voicu, Chen Duan and Chenguang Jiang, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

55-kW~110-kW electric powertrain development for electric vehicles
Kevin Bai, Allan Taylor, Wei Guo, Gyula Szatmari-Voicu, Chen Duan and Chenguang Jiang, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Aggregate project planning model for innovation development
Larry Navarre, Department of Business

First Year Experience (FYE) - Building a strong foundation through the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL)
Shari Luck, FYE Coordinator & Instructor; Terri Lynch-Caris, CETL Director and Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering

Nonlinear approach for evaluating the properties of materials at elevated temperature
I. Shkolnik and Huseyin R. Hiziroglu, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Layer stripping in the frequency domain and the inverse problem of the theory of ground penetrating radars
Ruben Hayrapetyan, Department of Mathemetics

IEEE Student Branch Activities
Buke Hiziroglu, Lance Byers, Nathan Lutz, Spencer Scott, Denis Huskic, Bryan Wang, Akeem Sulaimon, Huseyin Hiziroglu (Faculty Advisor)

Design and implementation of LED dimming system with intelligent sensor module
Jaerock Kwon, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Acoustic testing and modeling: An advanced undergraduate laboratory
Daniel Ludwigsen (1), Daniel Russell (2), and Ron Kumon (1)
1- Department of Physics, Kettering University
2 - Penn State University

Acoustics of the Kalimba
Daniel Ludwigsen, Department of Physics

Localization in wireless sensor network
Loi Huynh and Saroja Kanchi, Department of Computer Science

Streamlining lab orders at a family medicine teaching center
Jordan Myers, Lucy Siu-Bik King, Ph.D., Amelia Doherty B.S.N., R.N., Paul Dake M.D., Paul Lazar M.D.
Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, Kettering University

Measures of dependence in reliability
Boyan Dimitrov, Department of Mathematics

Dependencies in the world of politics
Boyan Dimitrov, Department of Mathematics

Microsoft kinetic sensor for real-time color tracking robot
Matthew Clark, David Feldpausch, and Girma Tewolde, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Low-cost dashboard for an electric scooter
Trifon Tsekov, Girma Tewolde, Jae Kwon and Kevin Bai, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Atmospheric pressure plasma applications for bio-medical materials
Susan Farhat (1), Mary Gilliam (1), Ali Zand (2), Montserrat Rabago-Smith (2), Barrack Stubbs (2), and Michael Magyar (2)
1 - Department of Chemical Engineering
2 - Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry

Development of a modular LED display controller
Dan Gudorf and Girma Tewolde, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Kettering University Robotics Team - Intelligent ground vehicle competition
Jorge Horcasitas, Lex Lombardi and Girma Tewolde, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Interaction of metal ions with gold nanoshells
Jillian Radtke, Amanda Miller, Barrack Stubbs, Lihua Wang, Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry

Pre-Med Club Activities
Buke Hiziroglu, Savannah Brown, Nicky Patel, Staci Shaffer, Majed Alzahabi, Stacy Seeley (Faculty Advisor) and Patrick Atkinson (Faculty Advisor)    

University Avenue corridor coalition
Jack Stock, Kettering University External Relations

Plasma technology for particle surface modification  
Mary Gilliam (1), Susan Farhat (1), Barrack Stubbs (2), Michael Magyar (2), and Graham Garner
1 - Department of Chemical Engineering
2 - Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry

Experiential learning through First Robotics
Henry Kowalski, Department of Mechanical Engineering