Research reveals nano particle potential

Mar 7, 2003
A new understanding of the structure of nano particles proves the old adage that "good things come in small packages." Researchers at Kettering University and Wayne State University have found that ... Read More

The answers are in the sediment

Jan 7, 2003
Like Livingston searching for the source of the Nile, Dr. Brent Lewis, associate professor of Environmental Chemistry at Kettering University, is searching for the source of pollution in the Swartz ... Read More

Big answers found on microscopic level

Dec 6, 2002
Brent Lewis is digging deep, but not too deep, to study seasonal variability of heavy metals in coastal wetland sediments along Saginaw Bay."The main goal of the project is to examine the chemical ... Read More

No NOx: water and fuel mix well

Dec 2, 2002
Kettering University fired up a SR30 gas turbine jet engine last week looking for better emissions from commercial jet engines. Researchers hope that improvements to the fuel through the use of an ... Read More

Unglamorous solder is the foundation for all appliances

Sep 27, 2002
Working in what was once described to him as the "proctology of Electrical Engineering," Mark Palmer, of Kettering, is making researching solder alloys a lot sexier than it used to be."I had a dean ... Read More

Kettering researcher studies how automobiles and other devices can be powered by fuel cells - which are efficient and don't pollute the environment

Mar 11, 2002
Etim Ubong is a man in search of gold.Not the "black gold" or "Texas tea" that TV's Jeb Clampitt discovered during a day of hunting in the Appalachian Mountains. There's no crude oil bubbles or ... Read More

Developing a clean green driving machine virtual research nets real results

Feb 25, 2002
When Dr. Bassem H. Ramadan, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, goes deep inside an engine, his hands never leave his computer keyboard. Ramadan researches new engine combustion system ... Read More

100-year old statistics problem solved - beautifully

Feb 5, 2002
Brian McCartin, professor of Applied Mathematics at Kettering, has solved a 100-year old problem of linear regression, and his mathematics are "pretty." Linear regression, simply put, means the "best ... Read More

Protein purification helping Kettering University researcher learn more about colon cancer

Oct 26, 2001
Dr. Stacy Seeley has learned never to say "never."Seeley, an assistant professor of Environmental Chemistry at Kettering University, swore she would never again work out the purification scheme for a ... Read More

Kettering University professor involved in cutting-edge polymer technology

Aug 31, 2001
Like most inventors, Dr. Lars Beholz has used every available resource including the kitchen stove."I only gassed my wife and kids out of the house once," he proudly claims.None the worse for wear, ... Read More