Cool AND Green

Sep 30, 2010

Prismitech LLC, a green refrigeration start-up, will be the first tenant in Kettering's Innovation Center, adding a "cool green" aspect to the first LEED Certified building in Genesee County.

Kristina Kamensky '09, is a young and enthusiastic CEO.  Her company, Prismitech, will be the first tenant at Kettering University’s Innovation Center.

“I love the fact that it’s green,” she said, regarding the first LEED certified building in Genesee County.  “It’s very fitting and attractive to green-conscious businesses that are into alternative energies and energy efficiencies,” she added.

She should know.  Prismitech, one of TechWorks’ affiliates, has wed high-tech artificial intelligence with green ideals in hopes of capturing a huge market.  The business uses a “Air Curtain Simulator” device that was designed utilizing an artificial neural network—one that gets smarter as it collects data.

This collected information is then used to alter air flow in existing refrigerator display cases or to optimize new designs. The goal is to minimize the infiltration of warm air into the return duct of these units. This reduces cooling load, lowering energy costs and CO2 emissions. These open cold-air-curtain refrigerated display cases are generally used in grocery stores because they make it easy for consumers to see the offered product lines. 

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there were 85,200 grocery stores and convenience stores in 2008. This adds up to miles of refrigerated display cases.  Dr. Homayun Navaz, founder and chief scientist of Prismitech and a member of the Mechanical Engineering faculty at Kettering, estimates that the implementation of his technology in California alone could save $13 million per year in energy costs.

Navaz’s initial research into a refrigerated air curtain received funding from Southern California Edison, California Department of Energy, and the California Energy Commission. The estimates for nationwide savings using this technology could range from $170-200 million per year, with more than a 500,000 ton reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

Some manufacturers already implemented some of the changes recommend by our publications and reported additional savings.

Prismitech has a lot of work to do to get the word out, but Kamensky is just the woman for the job. She started her entrepreneurial path as a TechWorks’ fellow, under the tutelage of TechWorks director Neil Sheridan“TechWorks hosted us in the beginning stages of Prismitech. I cannot fully express my gratitude toward TechWorks and Kettering University,” said Kamensky.With the FastTrac® TechVenture™Kauffman Foundation training under her belt, Kamensky realized she wanted to be an entrepreneur. A 2009 graduate of Kettering with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, she is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Kettering while realizing her dream in business. 

“The Innovation Center is perfect for those who are trying to have a green impact and want a place to call home. I like the fact that it is on campus.  I feel like a pioneer,” she said.  

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