Access to education for all a passion of graduate

May 6, 2013

Dr. Cleamon Moorer '99 is passionate about providing access to education for all.

Students in Dayton, Ohio, enjoying a library a Kettering University graduate helped fund through his organization.

Dr. Cleamon Moorer ‘99 knew the importance of philanthropy early in his life.

Dr. Cleamon Moorer '99

As a Kettering University student working at an elementary school in his native Detroit, he was torn as to whether he should accept a position in his field of study with AT&T or continue working with kids in Detroit to try to impact their lives.

“The principal at the school told me to go to AT&T,” Moorer said. “He said that it was important for me to go get those experiences and then come back and give back down the road. Those experiences would allow me to make an even greater impact.”

In the years since, Moorer worked as an engineer, planner and global services executive for AT&T, went into private consulting, finished two masters degrees and a PhD and taught college students at Dominican University, Roosevelt University, Saint Xavier University, and Trinity Christian College. He recently accepted a faculty position at Kettering University in the Department of Business. Beginning in July 2013, he’ll teach International Business and Management courses.

In 2010, he launched a global philanthropic foundation, Dr. C. Moorer and Associates, Inc., aimed at both education -- the organization provides grants to students and educators -- and supporting the eradication of genocide around the world.


“Our mission is to improve global citizenship, and that starts with education,” Moorer said. “We want to help both students and educators reach their full potential.”

The foundation recently funded a library and reading center for Horizon Science Academy in Dayton, Ohio. Moorer’s foundation provided a cash stipend as well as books, e-books and laptops for the school, which previously didn’t have a library for its students.

“The students had a great reaction,” Moorer said. “The kids were overjoyed because the school didn’t have any idea we were going to also provide books to get them started.”

Moorer’s foundation awards three scholarships per year to students as well as four grants per year to educators around the country. Moorer was inspired to start the foundation partially based on his own experiences, witnessing the challenges that disparities in resources in education present.

“I saw the challenges I went through in my education,” said Moorer, who won Kettering University’s 2011 Civic Achievement Award. “Schools need more collaboration and more partners, especially among everyday professionals who can make commitments to helping improve education.”

Moorer credits his education at Kettering University, particularly the experiences that co-op provided, with helping his career get off to a quick start.

“Co-op was the catalyst for my fast track,” he said. “It put me in a position to solve problems. People will go to you and rely on you when you develop your reputation as a problem solver. You leave Kettering with a body of work and reputation established that you are proven in your field.”

Moorer believes that experience as a student will help him form immediate bonds with the students he’ll be teaching at Kettering University.

“I can connect and let them know what makes them unique,” Moorer said. “They’ll hopefully be able to use my education and co-op experience here as an example.”

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