Study-Abroad Program

Kettering’s Study-Abroad Program is an excellent opportunity to prepare students for global leadership. Studying abroad provides students with knowledge and experience that will give them a competitive edge to excel in the world market.

Employers recognize that applicants who have studied, worked or even traveled abroad are more likely to possess the qualities in demand by the global economy - personal growth, courage to take risks, imagination, adaptability and self confidence.

Kettering University currently offers the following Study Abroad Programs, listed by major:

Mechanical Engineering

Germany - Classes in English 
Esslingen University of Applied ScienceSpring and Fall terms
Konstanz University of Applied ScienceSpring term
Munich University of Applied Science Spring term - Minimum of 15
Reutlingen University of Applied SciencesFall term
Ulm University of Applied ScienceFall term


Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Germany - Classes in English 
Ulm University of Applied ScienceElectrical Engineering - Spring term
Ulm University of Applied ScienceComputer Science and Computer Engineering - Spring term
Reutlingen University of Applied ScienceElectrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Science - Fall term
Furtwangen University of Applied SciencesComputer Science - Fall term


Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering and Business

Germany - Classes in English 
Reutlingen University of Applied ScienceIndustrial Engineering & Business - Fall term
Mexico - Classes in English 
Monterrey Tech –Saltillo CampusIndustrial Engineering - January or July term - 5 months


Germany - Classes in English 
Reutlingen University of Applied ScienceFall term



Academic Requirements

Students applying for a “study abroad term” must be in good academic standing. Information on the specific requirements, including prerequisites, is available for each program in the International Office, located in Room 1-919 AB. You may also call (810) 762-9869 or email us at

Course Work

Course work taken through Kettering’s Study Abroad Program is fully applicable toward credits for student’s degree program up to 16 credit hours. Students normally take three courses in their major fields and one social science class for a total of four courses. 


In order for credit to transfer back to Kettering University a student must earn a grade of 3.7 or higher on the German grading scale. On that scale, a 1.0 is the best grade possible and a 5.0 is the lowest grade possible. 

Financial Consideration

All students register for a study abroad term and pay Kettering tuition.  Students will receive a $1,500 stipend for their study abroad term. This stipend is intended to help offset costs for round-trip air travel, Euro rail pass, etc. Students are able to borrow against this stipend up to six months in advance for a $25.00 fee. Pre-payment of housing plus deposit is required by several universities before arrival. This charge will be deducted from the $1,500 stipend and wire transferred by Kettering to the university. Deposit will be returned to Kettering if room is left in good condition. Any balance below $1,500 will be credited to student’s Kettering account.

Students enrolled in a Kettering study abroad term maintain their regular full-time enrollment status at Kettering. Financial Aid or Scholarships are still available.

Oswald Student Fellowship for Study Abroad

The Oswald International Student Fellows Program provides financial grants for travel and living expenses for Kettering students involved in the international exchange program. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis for the spring and fall exchange programs each academic year. In general, consideration is given to the financial needs of students, the student’s academic record, the student’s plan for the expenditure of the grant, and the country to be visited. Each spring and fall, up to 5 students will be selected as Oswald International Student Fellows and will receive travel grants up to $1000 in addition to the Kettering travel stipend provided for some study abroad students.


Forms can be obtained in the Office of International Programs. For more information or to schedule an appointment send an e-mail to The Office of International Programs is located in Room 1-919 of the Academic Building and can also be reached at (810) 762-9869.