Associate Professor

Dr. Susanta Das, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, with expertise in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Technology and Renewable Energy Systems; Alternative Fuels Reforming process and Integration; Advanced Powertrain Integration Systems with Fuel Cells and Battery/Ultracapacitors for Transportation and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Applications; Advanced Materials for Energy Applications; Multiphase Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer in Thermo-fluids; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Turbulent and Complex Fluids; and Phase Separation Dynamics in Multiphase Polymer-Liquid Crystalline Composite Materials.

Das has taught at Kettering since 2006 and finds Kettering students to be very focused, committed and mature compared to students at other institutions. Due to hands-on classroom and co-op engineering education, by the time students graduate from Kettering they are equipped with the essential know-how to work in a professional environment. It sets them apart from others who are lost when they first enter into the professional work place.

He came to Kettering to teach because of Kettering's students being active learners and eager to become knowledgeable about the subject matter. Das likes their curiosity, passion and drive to succeed attitude. He enjoys seeing what students are learning in the classroom and that they are able to implement the gained knowledge in the real-world applications. 

Hot tip for prospective students: "If you want to pursue cutting-edge engineering education and innovative emerging technology, and would like to be one of its leaders, you need helpful friendly professors 'who care' and a reputed engineering school with a hands-on, real world engineering program like Kettering that will nourish you to be successful."

When not teaching or engaged in fundamental research activities in his group, Das enjoys travel, international cultural experiences, badminton, tennis, camping, hiking and fishing.

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