Dr. Raghu Echempati, professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, with expertise in design simulation and metal forming.

Echempati finds Kettering students capable, talented, and goal-oriented, and feels they are different from students at other schools because their extensive cooperative education experience makes it interesting in class discussions. It is through them that Echempati feels a connection with industries. It is this connection with industry partners through co-op experience and the student thesis program that he enjoys the most and what drew him to teach at Kettering.

His hot tip for prospective students is that "they should continue to work hard while enjoying the cooperative education experience."

Hidden talents and outside interests: When not teaching or engaged in research, Echempati enjoys travel, international and cultural experiences, tennis, and jogging.

Computer aided design, Fatigue, Finite element methods, Machine design, Manufacturing product design, synthesis and conceptual design, Mechanical design, Mechanism design, Metal-forming simulation, Sheet metal forming, Vibrations

Dr. Echempati's Research Profile

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