Professor of Industrial Engineering

Dr. Petros "Pete" Gheresus, professor of Industrial Engineering

Ph.D from Iowa State University, with expertise in various computer programming languages, engineering economy, manufacturing processes, and controls using ladder logic programming and ControlLogix hardware and Access Database.

Gheresus feels that Kettering students "mature earlier than other students because they are immediately afforded the opportunity to work with varied types of individuals through cooperative education, which cannot be taught in any academic setting." He says that Kettering students have the theory and also they know how to apply it.

Gheresus was first attracted to teaching at Kettering by the unique blend of academia and industry, truly the best of both worlds. He enjoys teaching students of varying abilities and learns from them because "many are able to bring back to the class the experiences or tools that they have used at their place of employment."

In preparation for one of his exams, Gheresus made a copy of the exam that had half of the answers on it. He forgot to erase the answers from those questions and didn't have the time to make new copies or make up another exam by the time he discovered it. Of course word got out and spread like wildfire. Gheresus was so embarrassed that he stayed away from campus for three weeks.

Hidden talents and outside interests: In keeping with his well-rounded background, Gheresus' extracurricular activities are diverse. He enjoys playing racquetball, exercise, reading, spending time with family and friends, and working with Kettering's pre-college students, who often ask questions no one has asked before.

C programming language

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