Professor of History


PhD from Michigan State University in the History of International Relations

Courses Taught

International Relations

America and the World


Senior Seminar: Leadership, Ethics, and Contemporary Issues

Introduction to the Social Sciences

Kettering Awards          

Outstanding Teaching Award (2007)

Outstanding Researcher Award (2006)

Outstanding New Researcher Award (2000)






"The League of Nations and the Problems of Health and the Environment:  Leadership for the Common Good in Historical Perspective" in Benjamin W. Redekop, ed., Leadership and Environmental Sustainability (2010).

"'Mandated Territories Are Not Colonies:'  Britain, France, and Africa in the 1930s" in R.M. Douglas, Michael D. Callahan, and Elizabeth Bishop, eds. Imperialism on Trial:  International Oversight of Colonial Rule in Historical Perspective (2006).

A Sacred Trust:  The League of Nations and Africa, 1929-1946 (2004).

Mandates and Empire:  The League of Nations and Africa, 1914-1931 (1999/2008).

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