Professor of Industrial Engineering

Dr. Matthew S. Sanders, professor of Industrial Engineering
Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Texas Tech University, with expertise in engineering economy, systems analysis, and project management.

Sanders views Kettering students as focused, mature and productive. He feels that Kettering students reach a high level of maturity in only two or three terms which distinguishes them from students at other universities. Sanders came to Kettering for the opportunity to see his "impact on students while they are here or not long after they graduate." He enjoys the practical applications of the academic curriculum and interactions with both students and their co-op employers.

He would tell prospective students to "get to know as many professors and friends as possible, interact with them and do not rush in selecting a major or work type."

Hidden talents and outside interests: Sanders' dedication to Kettering is at such a high level that most of his activities are related to or are in Kettering.

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