Professor of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Mark G. Thompson, professor of Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Electrical Engineering, with expertise in electronic circuit and system design, automotive electronic systems, and alternative/renewable energy systems.

Thompson sees Kettering students as intelligent, mature and hardworking. What sets Kettering students apart from students at other colleges, he believes, "is that they are employed by a corporate sponsor." It is this cooperative education experience that "tends to give them a more realistic view of their professional career environment and allows them to mature more quickly." Though the small class size and personalized approach to teaching is Thompson's favorite part about teaching at Kettering, he was initially attracted by "the emphasis on laboratory and hands-on activities tied to theoretical understanding."

He would tell prospective students that "choosing a college is an important life decision. It is a very personal decision that no one can make for you. Visit Kettering and any other college that you might consider. Ask questions, talk to people (professors and students), and get a feel for the place. If they have the programs, opportunities, and facilities to fulfill your goals, and you feel comfortable there, you should be able to recognize that you would fit in."

Being a proverbial "absent-minded professor," Thompson was sitting in his office one day "doing what professors do" and completely forgot that he had a class scheduled. About 20 minutes into the scheduled class period, one of his students knocks on the door and says, "Professor, aren't you coming to class?" Thompson jumped up and ran to the classroom but, of course, most students had already departed. He dismissed the rest of them and returned to his office to continue "doing what professors do," only this time with a very red face!

Hidden talents and outside interests: In keeping with his belief in "keeping physically fit to provide maximum enjoyment of life," Thompson enjoys outdoor activities, running to stay in shape, skiing, camping, hiking, and occasional mountain climbing. He keeps a sailboat on Lake Huron and fishes and enjoys boating at his cottage in mid-Michigan.

Automotive electronic systems, Electronic circuit and system design, Fuel cell and hybrid electric vehicles, Integrated sensor technology

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